Thursday, August 2, 2012

Sunset Paddle Boarding

If you ask anyone who has been to the beach with me this year, they will tell you that I always point to the Paddle Boarders and say I want to do that!  Well, last night I stepped out of my comfort zone with the encouragement of a friend and went on a Sunset Paddle with a random group of people who turned out to be fantastic.  I went Paddle Boarding!

For anyone who has no idea what I am talking about, Paddle Boarding is a wider surfboard that you stand on and paddle like a canoe or kayak.  Here is picture for those of you who are visual...none of these pictures are of me.  I don’t have waterproof electronics…sadly. A waterproof camera is something I am seriously considering though!

When just learning to paddle board, it is recommended that you start on your knees; this allows you to get a feel for the movement of the water.  I was a natural, so I pretty much just stood up!  Must be those early years of gymnastics and my papa-made balance beam that I had in my backyard as a child.

Once you stand up, using your paddle in the water as a balance stick, you need to find the center or sweet spot of the board.  Once balanced, start paddling.  Definitely expect to fall in a few times, especially if the water is a little rough.

That's probably the most accurate picture of what I looked like that I could find.  
Being out on the open bay with the sun setting is one of the most peaceful moments I’ve ever experienced.  While there was a group of us out there, we weren’t close to one another, so you felt very alone and very tiny against the magnificent setting sun.  

If I get really good, I could take little Lira out with me :)  She'd be a perfect paddle board pup!

I am not completely addicted to paddle boarding as my husband thought I would be, but I would definitely do it again!  Even just paddling out, jumping off your board and swimming or sitting on your board and drifting is enjoyable.  The board I had was short in terms of typical board sizes (10-12ft) and wide, so it was slow.  I hear there are race boards that cut the water much better; I think they would be more my style.

When I go pro I'll surf some waves!  lol.
As for the social aspect…after the sunset paddle was done, there was a buffet, a DJ playing some of my favorite jams, $1.50 PBR’s, and a great bunch of super chill beach vibe’n people to hang with!  It was an absolutely perfect ending to my Wednesday! 
Much love.
**Sorry the fonts are messed up.  I can't seem to fix them.**


  1. Oooo sounds fun!! glad you enjoyed it, although even on my knees, i still think i'd be way too uncoordinated :)

    1. It's actually a lot easier than you would think. My toes did start to cramp because they were gripping so hard though. As long as you have semi strong legs, you'd be fine!

  2. SO fun! I wanna try it, but on calm water first :) The most adventurous I've been with water sports is jet skiing and I love that. Kudos to you for trying something new.

    1. It's totally fun and easy and very calm. Definitely start in a bay or on a lake.


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