Monday, July 30, 2012

Soft Spot

A little old man with a cane, Navy hat, big square glasses, jeans, sweatshirt and sandals with socks just came to my office door asking for directions.  He was a gentleman through and through calling me Miss and thanking me profusely.  I gave him the directions he was asking for, but all I really wanted to do was offer him a ride to his destination, so that I could guarantee that he would arrive safely. 
As he was leaving, he slowly turned around and said “If I was a lot younger, you’d be my gal! Oh and if I need directions again, I’m coming back to ask you!” and winked.  My heart melted and tears welled in my eyes!
I am now sitting at my desk thinking about this little old man and praying that he arrives safely.
I have a huge soft spot for old men…and they have one for me.  Just ask my friends . If there is a cute little old man in a crowd, he will find me.  I’ve been told “I have the look” which I am assuming is the dark hair, fair skin, big smile, classic look.   
I miss my grandpops. A. Lot.
Much love.


  1. we seriously were separated at birth or something, lol. i have SUCH a soft spot for old men. i once teared up(ok, the tear fell..) when an old man lost on the price is right!

    1. We totally were separated at birth! :) One day we will meet! I'll be moving to PA eventually! Oh I could have full on cried, but I was at work and had to control my emotions. I'm still thinking about him and hoping he got to his destination safely.


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