Thursday, August 9, 2012

Mud Run: 48hrs and Counting

Well, I have less than 48 hours until my 8k Mud Run.
Freaking out!
Oddly enough, I’m not worried about the actual run although I probably should be.
Instead, I am worried that I will have to go to the bathroom…
Are there going to be bathrooms along the way?
Probably not.
This is a legitimate fear for me.
I carry stress and worry in my tummy.
Since I am worried about this race, I have felt slightly nauseous for days.  I’m not sick. I’m just worried.  Totally silly I know.  But that’s just me.
For now I am just trying to think positively, drink a lot of water and plan my outfit. 
Yes, I said plan my outfit…the one that will be covered in sweat, sand and mud.
I think I will put baby powder all over my body to help prevent sand irritation in unwelcomed places.
Good idea?  Bad idea?
This whole running thing, while I am not good at it, is really quite enjoyable.
I am going to start doing more 5k, 8k and possibly even an 11k.
I love the way my stomach is starting to look toned, I have more energy and I feel stronger all around. 
Good feeling body = happier mindset
I’ll try to take some pre and post race photos for your viewing pleasure J
Much love.

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