Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mud Run Results

First race, first mud run completed.
I'm alive.
I loved the race.
double shocker.
Four miles of sand.
One mile of road/trail.
It should have been called a SAND run.
I finished in 1:02:20.
1 hour. 2 minutes. 20 seconds.
Hell Yea!
My goal was to finish under 1:16.
I'm happy.
Time to sign up for more races!
After the race there was a huge party!
We cleaned off in the bay.
Had a beer. or a few.
Ate bananas.

We saw dolphins!
And went swimming with them!
It was heavenly!
There are some pictures, but I don't have them sorry.  I left my phone, camera, everything in my car to prevent it getting damaged in all the mud and sand.
Much love.

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