Monday, August 13, 2012

Mini Bucket List: August 13th-19th

Last week, I accomplished all of my goals…or attempted to accomplish them. I called both of my grandmothers, but didn’t get to speak with either of them.  They are busy women!  I ran almost daily…enough to successfully accomplish the 8k Sand Mud Run.  I worked on that certain relationship and things are a bit better…still a work in progress, but baby steps for now are ok as long as they are in the right direction.  And I mailed that “I love you.  It will be ok.” package!  I even mailed a birthday card to my bestie!  Look at me go!  Lol.
Now on to this week...  I have high hopes for a fun week.  Since I got all of my cleaning done yesterday, my goals this week are a bit more for me.
1.     Paint my toenails a beautiful shimmery pink to make my feet look oh so pretty!  I’ll probably dance around singing “ I feel pretty!” afterwards and it will be glorious!
2.     Write a letter to my mama!  I wasn’t in the writing mood on or near her birthday, so a belated mother-daughter love letter is in order.
3.     Finish reading “Golf Freak” because I promised my husband I would.  According to him, it describes him and I will understand him better.  I need to finish this book so that I can start my book for book club.  We are reading Ten Thousand Saints this month.  Anyone ever read it?  If so, don’t tell me you didn’t enjoy it.  I will lose all motivation to read it. Thanks J
4.     Run…a lot. I have a few more runs in mind...Run Like a Girl 8k, Wicked 10k, Great American Mud Run 5k, 9-11 Heros 5k Run. 
5.     Dance.  I have 2 private lessons and 2 group lessons scheduled, but I need to practice as well.  I wore my dance shoes around on Sunday and practiced on and off while cleaning.  It was super productive!  Plus, who doesn’t love shorts and heels!?!?  This girl LOVES the look…even when they are workout shorts!
6.     Start knitting a scarf.  I have a wonderful salmon colored yarn that is dying to be knit into a beautiful scarf.  Since fall is right around the corner , I am determined to be ready for it! 

7.   Change my blog layout.  I think I might take some cool pictures and try to get crafty with them...wish me luck.  This isn't my specialty.  Any tips would be greatly appreciated. 
Much love. 

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  1. sounds like a "fun" to do list for this week :)


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