Thursday, August 9, 2012


Ladies…and Gentlemen
I am not one to promote products very often, but I must say once again that I LOVE ARBONNE products.  Literally their products are amazing!  It all started with a free facial demo where my skin ended up feeling like a baby’s bottom i.e. really soft!  I decided that I would get their FC5 kit (daily cleanser, day cream, night cream).  I’ve been using that since the end of April and I still have half of my cleanser and day cream left and a ton of my night cream left.  You really don’t need a lot.  My skin looks better, feels better and smells super fruity! 

I was recently informed that if I spent a certain amount of money that I could be promoted to preferred client (35% discount) and I would be eligible for some great deals.  Since I really wanted to get the scrub, Complexion Perfecting Set, and the Dreamer perfume, I decided to go for it.  Well, once again Arbonne did NOT disappoint.  The scrub is great, the perfume smells divine (it’s hidden and will magically appear on my birthday!), and the bargain bag…umm…AWESOME!  

I spent $35 and got $300 worth of goodies!!

Conditioner - have not tried yet, but smells amazing
Body cream - hello super soft arms.  smells like pineapple to me.
Eye shadow - Linen is the color. It's light, natural and fits me perfectly
Eye Shadow samples - I will be trying these periodically.
Lip gloss - perfect shimmer to brighten your lips and moistens them
Sheer Pressed Powder - haven't used.
Aromassentials - haven't used, but I hear great things about them.
Night Serum - my face feels so soft and vibrant
Cooling Foot Creme - I will be using this after my 8k mud run on Saturday!  Cannot wait!
Anti-aging cream (gift for mama)
 **That's the eye shadow and lip gloss that I am super happy with**
 **All of my free items**

The facial scrub is to die for.  Your face literally feels softer after one use.  I can't stop touching my cheeks.

**Sorry about the flash.  It was dark in my house.**

If any of these items interest you and you want more information, please let me know. 
I am in heaven!
I love all these products.
I'm hooked.
Much love.


  1. I rarely ever use makeup bc my skin is so sensitive! Avon and MaryKay make my skin burn if it's on too long-luckily they have a good return policy. MAC seems to be ok on my skin, but I still feel better once my face is washed. Is Arbonne good for sensitive skin?

    1. Yes! It is perfect for sensitive skin. All natural ingredients. I too have super sensitive skin and never used anything aside from water to wash my face. I only wear eye makeup and lip gloss on a daily basis. If you want me to send some samples, I can. I think I have an extra one and if I don't, I know someone who does.

      I know that Arbonne uses their products on terminal ill individuals because they are all natural and very soothing.

  2. Hi Sarah! Thank you so much for writing such a wonderful blog. I feel so incredibly fortunate to have discovered Arbonne seven years ago. I still continue to see and feel the benefits of using Arbonne's pure, safe, and botanically based products. Responses like yours are what makes being a Health and Wellness Consultant for Arbonne incredibly rewarding and so much FUN!!! Feel free to pass my contact information along to anyone who is interested. :)

    1. Ok! I will do that for sure!! Thank you!

  3. Hey there! Thanks for stopping by and commenting :)

    As for that show, I NEVER watch it! LOL I refuse to watch little brats... because my kids aren't brats LMAO!!


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