Monday, August 13, 2012

I Love My Dog.

 This is a little post dedicated to the cutest, most snugglish, probably most spoiled puppy in the entire world.

Presenting to you, the one, the only, Miss Lira Renee!
Yes, she has a middle name for the occasional times I must discipline her.

She never has accidents in the house.
Doesn't chew.
Rarely barks.
She chases bunnies.
Love food...even on the table.
And sometimes hears things that make her bark.

She loves walks and I mean LOVE.

I look really young here.  This is post 8k Mud Run.  Little Lira needed her exercise.

Off we go.

Yes, she is peeing. 
It happens when mama leaves you home for 6 hours.

Post walk mud run nap.
She is a pro at napping.  I'm not too shabby myself. :)

Since I left her home alone for a bit on Saturday and I am gone a lot during the week, I wanted to treat her to a little beach time on Sunday.  This puppy totally digs the beach. 

Queen of the rocks and military debris.

Doing what she does best...sniffing out the dead fish and crabs.
She always smells lovely after a trip to the beach. lol.

Even though I put her on the ocean to cool her off.
She got hot.
And stuck her tongue out.

Haha!  You can't help but chuckle at her cuteness!

Holy tongue batman! 
Don't worry, I had a water bowl for her.
She's a keeper.
Love her to pieces!

Much love.

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