Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I'm an UGLY Runner

I am an ugly, I repeat UGLY, runner.
Don't even try to say I'm not.
There are pictures to prove it such as the one below.
What is my arm doing?
Is it even attached to my body?
And holy inner thigh flab.
Not to mention my horribly ugly facial expression.

This one is better, but only because I am looking down
 and determined to get up this hill. 
Plus it's a side-ish view.

Umm...NEVER wearing these shorts to run in again. 
Holy crotch outline.
I really wish I knew this before I chose my attire.
Rookie mistake.
Hey, at least there are pictures to last a lifetime.

To make myself feel a bit better...
And to erase those HORRIBLE images from your mind...
Here is a cuter picture of my from this morning.
Today was a high bun kind of day!

I'm not always ugly...just when I'm running.
Sorry to all those who ran that race,
and to those who have witnessed and will witness
my horrible running images.
Gosh I need to work on facial expressions.
Looking like you are going to die when you are actually having fun isn't cool.
Live and learn.

Much love.


  1. Ha! We all should look so ugly! You see ugly; I see DETERMINATION...in spades!! Go Sarah! Love, Mom

    1. haha! You're obviously blinded by your motherly love! Love you!

  2. LOL - i literally just laughed out loud. not b/c you're an ugly runner, but b/c i sooo am too and had this experience when i did my 10k. i got the event pics back and realized holy CRAP i'm an ugly runner. and a heavy sweater. gross. happy wednesday :)

    1. Hahahahahaha!!! I love it! I am nasty after I run and I am really glad I can laugh about it...and provide entertainment for others!
      Rock on beautiful women who are ugly runners...and super sweaters! LOL

  3. And this is why I rock spandex capris when I run. Much less opportunity for crotch outline and thigh bulge. Of course, your thigh bulge was a total illusion... you have AMAZING legs, and you know it!

    I'll bet all those chicks running behind you in the pictures probably think they're ugly runners, too. Us ladies need to put on our ugly when we we get our sweat on, so we can feel prettier when we put our dresses on. It's all worth it in the end!


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