Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bucket List...Creativity is the Theme

This week is going to be a little different in terms of bucket list goals.  I am going to focus on creativity!  This is an area of my life that has been lacking and I’m really starting to feel dull.  It’s probably driven by the dreary weather we’ve been having down here in Virginia Beach.  It has rained every single day for the past 5 days at least.  That wears on a girl…well, it wears on me.  The sunsets after the rains have been beautiful though.  It’s also been much cooler…high 70’s to low 80’s is cool when you are used to high 90’s low 100’s with super humid conditions.  I’ve actually been wearing jeans out and sweatshirts at home.  Crazy for August, I know! 
So…to be more creative, I am going to…

Embrace Photography
I have a great camera that hasn’t gotten much use lately.  So not cool. You better watch out for some creative shots.  I fully intend on embracing this goal.  Heck, tonight is a great night to start.  Keep an eye out for some beach photos and wine photos because I have a date at a cute little wine place with one of my besties! 

Make Baby Headbands
I love making headbands for little girls, but I haven’t been doing it much lately.  Luckily for me, two little girls have been born within the past month and while I am sure they have plenty of bows, a girl can never have too many!  I’m going to get creative this time…not so many bows…more flowers and buttons.  I’ll post pictures to be in line with my Embrace Photography goal J

Decorate for Fall…just a little.
I love FALL.  I love the colors. the turning leaves. the pumpkins. the apple cider. the fashion. Oh Lord, do I love the fashion!  I think a little post on fall fashion is in my near future.  I have been spending far to much time on Pinterest to not have a fall fashion post. 

So…I am not going to go crazy decorating for fall, but a little swag here and there will be good.  Once October rolls around I will have fall everywhere…Pumpkins in my fireplace, pine cones sprayed gold on my table, a newly decorated wreath on my door, swag on my fireplace, a Give Thanks display somewhere.  I want to have something really sweet about being Thankful for the month of November.  We always say one thing we are thankful at dinner time, but I want to do more this year… Time to get creative!  That’s the theme of this week…this season. 
Oh and if you are into bucket lists or just love the fall, here is a cute little Fall Bucket List that another blogger shared with me!

Kinda love everything on this list!
So excited!
I just can't hide it!
Much love.


  1. Love fall! Debating if I should decor now, before I go back to work or hold off.

    I love your headbands :)

    1. I say decorate a bit now and a bit later!!! Fall can never come too early!!
      Thanks! I love making the headbands, I just don't like selling them. I really enjoy giving them more. If you want any, let me know! I'll make them and send them your way for FREE!!


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