Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Photo Dump.

Today was beautiful, but I was stuck inside staring at a computer screen.  Fun times.  I was determined to get outside this evening, but since I only had a few minutes between getting home and having to make dinner before dance class, I had to stay close to home. I grabbed my camera and went to town taking pictures of plants I've nurtured and a puppy I love.  Enjoy the photos.  All are edited in Lightroom3. I am still learning the program. 


Puppy needs a haircut...but I really love her shaggy.  I think I'm going to trim her with scissors and keep some length because it's almost FALL and she is so much softer with long hair!  She's the perfect little model.
Much love.


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    1. Thanks! I love playing with my camera. I need to remember to use my camera more :)


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