Thursday, August 16, 2012

Bucket List Update

I’m just powering through my mini bucket list this week! 
Paint Toes.
My toes are all pretty in light pink!
I’ve been reading…not finishing, but reading Golf Freak like I promised Mr. Husband I would.  I’m definitely not enjoying it like he enjoyed it, but it also isn’t as rough to get through as I anticipated.  Guess that’s what happens when you set your sights low.  Sorry darlin’ but I wasn’t really looking forward to this book.  I am glad it’s better than anticipated though! It’s actually kinda funny…but that’s because I’m married to a golf freak myself.  Hehe!
So far, I have fun twice this week.  On Monday I ran 2.2 miles at a local park with a friend and then we did stairs.  I’m not talking normal stairs.  I’m talking 50 stairs up the side of a “man made mountain” i.e. old trash pile now named Mnt. Trashmore!  Bahahaha!  So creative. 
These stairs were hell.  We did them five times and boy-oh-boy that fifth one was intense.  Holy Jelly legs.  As with all my workouts, once they are over regardless of the pain endured during the process, I always feel like a million bucks!  Those stairs were totally worth it. 
Also, in the theme of running, I signed up for two upcoming runs.  One is a 5K 9/11 Hero’s Run that we are doing as a family!  I’m going to make shirts that my in-laws and especially Grandma and Grandpa will be proud of!  It’s a secret for now.  The second run is Run Like A Girl!  It’s an 8k for women and only women!  I’m doing this one with my girlfriends in support of Ovarian Cancer.  If anyone would like to donate, please do so at: The Woo Girls  If you would like to join my team, let me know or just sign up and join my team!  The more the merrier!
My Tuesday and Wednesday evenings were dominated by dance!  On Tuesday I had a group Tango lesson with Taras which was challenging, but really good.  Tango is still very new to me, but I think I am progressing well.  Keeping my knees bent, hip joints straight, spine stretched, movements sharp, hand placement correct and the list goes on makes for a spinning head.  After group, I had my private rhythm lesson with Eric!  It was a blast as always.  Rumba, Cha-cha, and Salsa were the focus this week. 
On Wednesday, I had Women’s Formation with Katie and we learned part of the dance to All the Single Ladies!!!  Just imagine 10 women of all ages shaking what the good Lord gave them!  Needless to say, there were lots of laughter!  I have no idea what we looked like, but I can imagine we looked hilarious, youtube worthy for sure!  After getting a nice ab workout from all the laughter, I had to transform into a smooth dancer.  My private smooth lesson with Taras consisted of some Foxtrot, Waltz and Tango!  He challenged me once again. 
I never leave Arthur Murray without feeling like I have learned a lot.  I started keeping a journal because I won’t remember everything.  All of the teachers are phenomenal!  If you know anything about me, I appreciate a great teacher and while I am not currently in school I still feel blessed because I have such wonderful dance teachers in my life who continually challenge me mentally and physically.  While dance is extremely physical, your mind is always going – thinking about steps, following properly, remembering patterns, keeping arms in proper formation, hand placement, feet…heal leads, bent knees, soft feet, close feet... arch back, and always have a smile on your face!  I can smile, but when I am concentrating, it’s really hard to remember to keep that smile.  Practice makes perfect.
I got my yarn and knitting needles out…
They are still sitting on the coffee table.
Blog Layout.
You may think I changed my layout.  I did, but I didn’t .  It’s an old header.  I was creating a new one and blogger was NOT cooperating with me, so I gave up temporarily and put up last season’s blogger.  I really want to have a cute fallish one and I have one created, I just can’t get it to look correct on blogger…  I’ll pick this one up soon. 
Much love.


  1. well done, checkin' things off! i love the new, old header! :)

  2. I'm diggin' the new look, too! Very fresh, lots of green, and of course an adorable dog doesn't hurt, either! Since you seem to be into bucket lists right now, I just ran across a fall-themed bucket list I would totally jump right into if I lived somewhere that had more events (and more of an actual fall to speak of) available. You can find it here:

    1. Thank you so much! I will definitely download that for sure! I am a list kind of girl. If I don't write it down, there is a good chance it won't get done. I love pretty much anything fall!

  3. Dancing sounds fun! I'm envious you can do that. Finding a sitter for such a short time to dance would be hard and expensive for me :(


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