Monday, July 30, 2012

Weekend Through Instagram...

Friday night was MURDER MYSTERY GUEST DANCE PARTY NIGHT at Arthur Murray!  It was an absolute blast!  The instructors and actors were amazing!  Major props for all the hard work and creativity that went into the night!  Once again, Arthur Murray showed us a great time!  It’s such a wonderful group of individuals – I’m starting to think of them as my little diverse family and I love it!  Dancers are really quite cool ;) 

Let’s just say that I really wanted to watch the 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony that I DVR’d after dance, but my body had different plans.  I was passed out on the couch within 30 minutes of getting home.  All this running and dancing coupled with work being crazy busy has taken a toll on my body.  Sleep was a must and sleep is what I got….until 9am on Saturday!  Ahhh!  Glorious sleep! 
Saturday was pretty lazy…well, the morning was.  I slept, cooked eggs and watched the Olympics.  Gosh, those athletes are absolutely inspirational.  So inspirational that I decided to run at high noon. Bad idea.
So, I’m still a slow, crappy runner, but I am definitely feeling way stronger and running multiple miles is getting much easier for me.  On Saturday, I did a 3 mile run that resulted in a puking and walk/run after that little incident.  The only reason I got sick was because I ran in 90+ degree weather under the high noon sun.  (It was the only time that I had free to run, so I went for it. Won’t be doing that again anytime soon.)  Even with walking, I did 3 miles in 32 minutes.  Not too shabby for just starting up with this running thing.

Saturday night was a spur of the moment cookout, Olympic viewing night with another couple!  Comfy clothing, beer, watermelon sangria (yes, I made it again and it was even better this time), brats, tomato/basil/moz and M&M’s for desert all made for a fun night in.  The boys drank too much.  The girls behaved…pretty typical.  I have had very little desire to drink lately and I’m totally diggin it.  I still love my glass of wine now and then, but it’s becoming less and less frequent. 
Sunday was a J-man day!  Little man and I went to church in the morning.  The homily was about the miracle of the fishes and loaves feeding thousands.  Well, this little boy loves fishing, so he was all ears!  He even told his dad how good Church was later in the day!  After church we came home, watched some more of the Olympics and made a green shake.  Little man was very skeptical about this green shake…he we oblivious to the fact that I put spinach in all his shakes until this very moment.  Normally the strawberries red color overpowers the green, but this time we used peaches, so the green dominated.  He was skeptical, but once I gave him a taste for approval, he wanted more!   

After lunch we all headed to the beach!  The water was nasty looking, but we still went in.  I regret that decision because now I am sick as can be. Ugh.  We still had fun trying to stand on the boogie board, throwing little man, working on kicking with straight legs and talking up a storm.  I got some color, so now I’m not a ghost!  It feels good to look alive again!  Home to shower we went!
Sunday night, little man wanted ice cream, so I told him that if he ran to WaWa, I would let him pick out an ice cream of his choice!  Well, sure enough, he set a 10 minute/mile pace and off we went.  I stayed just behind him and told him which way to turn at each intersection.  He is a good little runner and REALLY enjoyed that ice cream snickers cone!  (I got a vitamin water because I still had to do my real run for the day.)  We walked home and then I went on my real run.  It wasn’t much faster.  I did 2 miles in 19.32minutes.  I’m just happy I didn’t stop at all.  If you put it all together, (0.86 mile run to Wawa, 0.86 walk home from wawa, 2 mile run) I did 3.72 miles of cardio last night.  I’m A-ok with that! 

The night ended with my giving a haircut to my neighbor and a little game of Apples to Apples!  Love that game! 

I hope your weekend was everything you needed it to be!
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  1. running in the heat sucks :( i used to run in the am before the sun came up, now do it in the evenings. although i have to say i've been slacking on my runs lately, not good! i love apples 2 apples :)

    1. I totally agree. I won't be running in the heat anytime soon, but I had to get a run in, so I attempted it. Early morning and evening are the way to go. I hate running on a treadmill. I have an 8k in less than two weeks in the sand...God help me.
      Apples to Apples is so much fun!


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