Friday, July 27, 2012

Biggest Loser Challenge

My work does 12 week Biggest Loser Challenges.  Anyone who wants to participate pays $10 and then at the end, whoever loses the most Percentage Body Weight gets the pot.  That being said, I decided to join for a few reasons: 1. It’s really hard for me to pass up a challenge. I love winning. 2. Motivation and weekly weigh-ins totally keep me on track. 3. Why not make the winning pot just a little sweeter?!?
As you saw from my last post, I started running and I love it.  Well, now I really love it because since Friday, I have lost 4.4lbs!!  Today is a good day!  I feel sexy!  Oh so sexy!  I’ll keep ya’ll posted on my progress (even though this will probably be the best week I ever have).  I don’t really need to lose weight, but if I lost a few more pounds, I wouldn’t complain. 
Random tidbit…I look really young when I run…and after I run…

A little post 3 mile beach run treat!

(Lir-Lir yawning after my early morning run...something is wrong with this picture.)

Eating healthy is extremely helpful too!
Fresh sliced homegrown tomatoes, cheese and turkey for lunch!

Much love.


  1. Love conpeting :) Hope you win the cash!!

  2. freeze pops are the BEST, our freezer is always fully stocked for max, ahem, me.. :)

  3. They are a staple in our house! Super refreshing and light! Yum!

  4. I did one of those challenges at work and lost 10 lbs. our unit won and winning was so gratifying, good luck!

    1. That's awesome! 10 lbs is a lot. If I lost 10 lbs I'd be at my all time goal weight! Fingers crossed!


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