Thursday, July 5, 2012


My Fourth of July started the evening of July 3rd on the beach with friends, some ladder golf, rolling waves, a soft breeze and a breathtaking moon rise.  The sky always amazes me.  Whether it's a beautiful sunset that blends hues of orange, pink, purple into a magnificent mirage, puffy white clouds that make you imagination go wild, or lightening dancing across the night sky, the sky awes me.  This Tuesday evening, the moon put on a show and I enjoyed it.  Thank you, Mr. Moon!  I saw your face loud and proud smiling down on me.

It's on the rise...

I see the moon.
The Moon sees me.
God Bless the Moon.
And God Bless Me.

That is the first prayer I have memory of learning and it holds a special place in my heart.  I have vivid memories of kneeling on the wooden floor next to my bed, that was covered in white linens, with my parents by my side, looking out the window at the moon and reciting that prayer.  I love those memories.  I also love the ones that or dad and sometimes both climbing into bed with me and my brother Tom to tell us stories.  Not stories from a book...stories from their experiences with some flare.  The fairy stories were my favorite...and still are.  My parents captivated every ounce of my attention and imagination in those stories.  I still love a great story and a wild imagination!  Thanks Mom and Dad, you did good! 

And because I'm a girl whom is NOT afraid of bugs, look what I found on my morning walk with Lira...a Cicada!! 

It's was dead when I found it.  It now resides in my house.  I will do something creative with it...

More posts to come soon.  I am back into this blogging thing!

Much love.

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