Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July

 **The fonts are messed were giving me issues...this post is a mess.  I apologize in advance.  Don't tell me you weren't warned!**

I slept in until 9am then lounged in bed with my puppy and read a book…it was a glorious way to start my day!  While I was in relaxation euphoria, Ryan was doing his favorite thing…playing golf.  It was a win-win situation Wednesday morning.  By the time Lira and I drug our booties out of bed, the sun was high and the heat and humidity were here to stay.  While I suffered through a brutally hot walk, Lira took a dip in the lake to cool off.  She was a happy puppy after that. 
My creative bones started twitching, so to the thrift store I headed.  And boy oh boy did that thrift store deliver!  A spoon rack, a cute mug and a 60’s style glass for $0.99…yes, please!  We have a tiny, really tiny, bathroom and I have makeup and toothbrushes and a need for color and originality, so when I saw Kelle Hampton turn a spoon rack into a decorative piece, I knew I need to do something similar for my bathroom.  It was the perfect solution to having a clear counter, a pop of color and some eye candy!  Kelle’s such a creative gal! 
My creative juices weren’t quite satisfied…so to the kitchen I went!  What happens when you have a watermelon, a bottle of dry white wine, some limes, oranges and apples…Watermelon Sangria’s what happens!  And sure enough, it delivered as well!  Watermelon alone is refreshing and satisfying, but with some citrus and a bottle of wine it was the perfect adult summer beverage!  I tried it without the wine too and it was delish! 
Half a medium watermelon
Bottle of dry white wine – I used a Dry Riesling
Two limes diced
Two oranges diced
One Apple diced
Blend the watermelon and pour through colander
Add wine (optional), lime, orange, and apple.
Chill for two hours.  Serve over ice. With mint optional. Enjoy!
Once the kitchen was cleaned, I showered and added some American Independence pride to my body. 
Oh and who can forget Lira!  She knows how to rock it!

Sweet headband, eh?!

The 4th of July isn’t complete without good food, great conversations, some card games and good friends, so off to Julia & Ryan’s we went!  Ryan just got home from deployment...Yay!  Miss Julia’s heart is happy again!  These two know how to deliver on the food front…shrimp with lime and cilantro, cheesy-pepper-garlic bread, avocado-tomato-feta-corn-lime salad, fruit salad, potato salad with bacon, and ribs!  All of that with the watermelon sangria made for one happy and content group of friends! 

She's a cutie!!  Love her!

All the festivities tired Hawkeye out...Oh wait, he just loves to sleep.  :P 

We played a card game…totally blanking on the name…that was similar to Apples-to-Apples, but was for dirty minds. Oh Lordy! Some were totally inappropriate, others were just hilarious. It was entertaining to say the least. 

Once 9 o’clock rolled around, we headed to the golf course to see when fireworks were lighting up the sky.  I love fireworks!  They delivered in true fashion!  Happy Independence Day!  I hope you had a lovely day surrounded by your friends and family.  Never forget those who fought and lost their lives for our freedom. 
Much love.


  1. I LOVE the spoon rack, and I MUST try my hand at some of that sangria! Also, your friends sound like the kind of friends I want to feed me.

    1. Thanks! It was super easy and satisfying! The Sangria is a must for anyone who enjoys a refreshing, fruity drink! It was delish! Definitely making it again. Being fed by my friends is never a bad thing :) I'm lucky!

  2. Looks like you had a great time! And yes... I should stop drinking coffee at night... BUT I can't help it! LOL

  3. Mmmmmmmmmm, LOVE sangria! I'm your newest follower, so happy to be mug buddies too, yippeeeee :)

    1. Oh it's delish! I'm totally stoked about being mug buddies and having a new follower!


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