Thursday, July 26, 2012

Northern Girls in a Texan Town

Let me just say...I didn't take any pictures because I forgot my SD card.  I am sorry...more for myself because I love capturing moments. 

A best friend weekend was totally and completely necessary, so we scheduled one.  Last minute flights are never cheap, but when they are to visit someone special, the money doesn’t seem to matter…
One vacation day scheduled, two flights, one layover in the City of Brotherly Love to grab a Philly soft pretzel of course, one detour around a storm, one embrace and two huge smiles…Happy day!
It had been just shy of eleven months since we had seen each other and it was far too long.  The last time we were together she was getting MARRIED! 
This time we were flying solo, while our husbands were elsewhere, so there was a lot of best friend girl talk happening - some serious topics, some reminiscing about college and weddings, some just plain old random.  Since it rained a lot the 2 days I was there, we drank lots of hot tea while curled up on the couch and chatted.   The Big Lebowski was viewed…it’s a dude flick.  I think I need to see it again to appreciate it.  Or maybe I will never appreciate it because I’m just not a dude, Dude. (If you saw the movie, you’d understand the Dude reference.)
Sarah gets me.  I can be brutally honest with her and she still loves me.  Answering with haste is not her style.  All her responses are well thought out and much appreciated.  She is very intuitive.  I need her in my life and I love that Mr. Grady placed us in the same Honors Triple freshman year of college.  Everything else is history.  Glorious history! 
Thanks for a great weekend Sarah #1! 
Love, Sarah #2
Much love.

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