Thursday, April 26, 2012


A little over a week ago I received an email from the Director of the MA Economics program at ODU.  It simply stated, "Are you in town?"  A little odd, but I responded with a bit more wordy response to let him know yes, in fact I am in town and employed and doing well, blah, blah, blah.  I have a hard time keeping things short and to the point although this new job of mine is improving my terseness via email. A week or so goes by and I receive a phone call from the director.  He informs me that I have won the "Outstanding Economics MA Student" for the current year!  I jump with joy and quickly realize what a complete nerd this makes me...and I love it!

The ceremony was this past week and it was very nice.  Most of my professors showed up and chatted with me.  I fell in love with the world of academia all over again.  I need. MUST. be a professor one day.  I love school!  In honor of my award, I received this beautiful plaque and a check!  Money, money, money! 

A little side note...Ryan was calling me a nerd and I was admitting 100% to being such and proud of it, when J-man chimes in a tells me "You're not a nerd. Nerds aren't cool like you!"  Whoop!  I'm a cool nerd!  That's pretty sweet!  This little dialogue got me see things so differently.  When J-man thinks nerd, he thinks the nonsocial kid who always has a book in his hand and isn't cool, while I think of an intellectual individual who enjoys learning.  Kids make me laugh!

So, FYI, I have the cutest, most confident, strong, funny, sweet Gramma in the entire world!  Isn't she precious dressed up for the Chicken Dance?!?! 

Gosh, I love her!

Rock it out Gramma! 

Have a rockin weekend, ya'll!
Much love.


  1. Nice!!! Be proud of the nerdiness! Nerdz Rool! hahaha btw what kind of camera do you have again? I always enjoy the crisp pictures you post.


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