Sunday, April 29, 2012

Green Jeans Lead to Awesomeness

A strong desire to go on a fun date, no idea as to what fun things are happening, no babysitter in place and some killer green jeans that need to make their debut leads to one determined lady! 
Thursday afternoon our awesome neighbors and great friends said they were free and would love to babysit J-man!  Hannah and Willie, you rock

I slipped in my killer green jeans, black slinky shirt, black wedges and funky New Orleans earrings with no set in stone plans, but a strong desire to dance, dance, dance! 

To start the night off, we went to a guest dance party at Arthur Murray on Friday night with a feature dance by the wonderful Katie & Taras. It was a blast! Ryan and I are starting to get the hang of dancing to a variety of song, with different tempos. We aren't great by any means, but we are waaaay better than we were in January. 

 Now that you have had not one, but two sneak peaks at the green jeans, what do you think?  Too much?  Just right?  I receive a ton of compliments on them which only made me love them even more! 

After our dance party, we went to a local bar that normally has live music.  Well, we were in luck because not only was their live music, but it was live 80's music!  I looked like I planned my outfit!  It was so much fun!  I sang my heart out, danced in place and absolutely loved every minute of it! 

She was the best female vocalist and this Billy Idol impersonator was amazing!  I think he sang every song to me and it was glorious!  Ryan was like...jeez dude.

It was a spur of the moment date night gone extremely right!  Ahh...I love nights that turn out to insanely and unexpectedly fun!  Mission accomplished.

Much love.


  1. I could never pull those pants off, but you rocked them! I wanna see the earrings

  2. Yes you could! It's all about how you carry yourself and the smile on your face (my dad always told me that). One of my goals this year was to be more expresive in my style, so I am working on it! As for the earrings, I will take a picture tonight and add them to an upcoming post.


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