Friday, November 4, 2011

Our Growing 4th Grader

J-man came home with his school picture today! And it's a keeper!!
Sorry for the picture of a picture
Picture day as always such a big day for me because I didn't have to wear a uniform for once, but as I look at this picture I think two things.  (1) He is such a handsome little boy! (2) Where's the St. "Fill in the Blank" School logo?!?!  His father and I decided to put him in blue to bring out his eyes and we liked the grey background because it was neutral, but would make him standout. 

The best part about seeing the picture today was the presentation.  It went something like this:
J-man: Hey Sarah!  Guess what I have?!?! (with a huge grin on his face and hands behind his back)
Me: (thinking to myself...Oh my, what could it be? but fake it and say) I don't know, what could it be?!?!
J-man: (whips the pictures out from behind his back and says) I got my pictures!  Don't I look good?!?!
Me:  Hahaha!  Yes, you do!  You're so handsome!
J-man: I know!

Oh boy, Oh boy...We are in for some interesting years ahead. 

To celebrate some great pictures and daddy/hubby being home finally, we ordered Chinese!  Yum!

much love.


  1. Great school pic! It's hard to get a good school picture. I agree with the shirt. I like that you went with something neutral/classic. So many kids dress super trendy and in a few years the picture looks so dated.

  2. Luckily, he loves to lookj "preppy" and since his father and I have helped him mold the look! Right now he is in dark jeans, the same blue shirt above, a black sweater with a little zipper and black dress shoes! Saturday evening Mass and dinner date!!

  3. Make sure you save a picture of Mr. Handsome for me! I LOVE the picture! XXOO Mom

  4. Don't worry Mom!! You'll have one for your buffet very soon! Love you too!


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