Friday, November 4, 2011

Shark Navigator NV352

On Wednesday, my brand spankin new Shark - Navigator Lift-Away Bagless Upright Vacuum arrived at my doorstep!  I have never owned a new vacuum, so making this purchase was done with care.  Since I live in a rental home, the carpets aren't always the cleanest and you never know how they were cleaned before you moved in, so I knew I wanted a good vacuum, one that would get deep down, but also one that didn't break the bank.  I asked friends, looked at reviews and had narrowed my search down to the Dyson (not the super expensive one and the Shark Navigator).  A friend informed me of a great deal for the Shark Navigator vacuum and steamer, so I went for it and love it!  I don't actually need the steamer at the moment, but I plan on having wooden floors in the near future because I absolutely love them!

I am extremely happy with the vacuum so far.  It is light in weight, has two settings -one for carpet, one for wood floors - has a detachable unit for ease of vacuuming stairways, corners, behind furniture, etc.  As for how much dirt it picks up...let's just say it gets it all!  I vacuumed less than 1,000 sqft and the entire container was packed full and I vacuum regularly.  It has a great suction as well!  My stockings were a little too close and got sucked right up! 

2292611 Larger Front

As an added bonus, she's pretty in purple! 

Do you love your vacuum?!  If so, what kind it is?

much love.

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