Sunday, September 25, 2011

Garden Ridge

I'm in love!  If you think Homegoods is a wonderful place, love options and get a rush when you think about decorating for the holidays, then you will fall head over heels in love with Garden Ridge.  Aisles of Halloween spooks, fall festivities for doors, mantles, gardens and everything in between, and yes, Christmas decorations galore!  Have a burning desire for a pink Christmas tree?!  Well, they have it, in three sizes!!! Aside from holiday decor, there are aisles of decorative pillows, colorful pots, wall art, fabrics, couches, frames, bedding and the oh so loved As Seen on TV section! 

Today was my first trip and I assure you, it will not be my last!  I could have purchased hundred or dollars worth of items today, but refrained myself and only got the things I really needed!  I have been on the hunt for mantle stocking hangers and I found them!  Pictures to come when they are properly displayed with stockings this Christmas!  In a nutshell, Ryan and I have 5" silver Christmas tree shaped hangers with crystal and pearl rock on them (they are really pretty)!  Jared's is an ice skating snowboy with his feet in the air!  I wanted Ryan and I to each have matching stocking hangers and then each child we have will have their own unique stocking hanger!  Originally I wanted a buck and doe for Ryan and I and fawns for our kiddos, but then I realized I am more of the tacky (which isn't possible at Christmas) kind of Christmas decorator!  I love trees that are completely over the top with tinsel, a mismatch of ornaments, bubble lights and kid crafts! 

Here are some of the amazing aisles of Christmasness!

Since it's fall, the most wonderful time of the year, and I don't have the proper amount of festive decorations, I expanded my collection a bit!  Not too much, but a bit!  My nose was drawn to a cinnamon broom which now adorns my front door with a few branches and ribbons for an added element of personality.  This wonderful bronze pumpkin was a great find of mine!  I added the burnt orange candle that I received at my bridal shower, some branches from my yard and some festive ribbons for an added splash of color.

Another mission of mine was to get some cool and colorful vases for my mint and basil that would fit on my kitchen windowsill.  My home is very dark and not opportune for live plants, but my kitchen windowsill seems to get just enough sunlight to fuel my plants!  Now I will have the aroma of sweet mint and sweet basil dancing in my nose all winter long!

On a side note, Ryan made three amazing salsas and stayed home with Jared and his buddy while I ventured out to Garden Ridge with Mel!  Thanks for making this lovely little trip possible darling! 

The house is all straightened up, school lunch is made, little boy is clean and sleeping soundly; husband is watching football, drinking a beer and doing some MBA homework; I'm blogging, nibbling on an apple and ready for little light reading.  There's a tossup between Pride and Prejudice, a Parents Magazine, and Urban Economics... Maybe I'll dabble in all three while I enjoy the last few hours of my weekend...

Much love.


  1. Oh my God. Urban Economics. You crack me up.

  2. Haha! I have an Urban Economics class this semester and a test on Thursday, so I have to read it. hehe! It's actually not nearly as insane and boring as Econometrics III reading.


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