Friday, September 23, 2011

Froufrou Fridays

Happy Friday and FIRST DAY OF FALLWoop Woop!  My favorite season is here!!!!

The only reason I was able to get out of bed today and get Jared ready for school was the fact that it was finally Friday and Thursday was OVER.  My Thursdays are pretty from 9am - 10pm with a little break to run home, help the kiddo with homework, make dinner, and then run back out the door to a lovely 3 hour course of Econometrics III.  And to think, I used to spend my Thursday nights having a few drinks and laughing with friends...  I still laugh with friends, but it's not quite the same.

Thank the Lord I didn't walk right into this bad boy this morning because it was blocking my way.  I guess my eyes were open just enough to dodge it and then run back into my house to get my camera!

Every time I look down at my toes, I smile!

Orange toenails!  I rarely paint my nails and I never do crazy colors. I always said that it wasn't my thing. Well baby, it's my thing now!  I am absolutely gaga over this orange color (NYC at walmart) that I gave my little sister for her birthday!  As you can see, I quickly borrowed it like a good older sister! 

I am an avid reader of Kelle Hampton's Blog "Enjoying the Small Things" and recently she wrote the following and I thoughtWOW!  Women are amazing!   

This is what women talk about over coffee. Like, "God, all I ever do is drive. To soccer practice, to pick them up at friends, to dance, to lacrosse, to cheerleading." And women nod their heads in agreement and then someone starts with how their baby doesn't sleep and how "Seriously, how do you have time to cook meals every night, Teresa?" And then Teresa says, "I haven't been out of these yoga pants in three days; how do you manage to put lipstick on, Sheila?" And Sheila suddenly feels the need to defend her lipstick by talking about how much time she spends with her kids and then looks over to April who runs six miles five days a week, so April's really going to get it. "I wish I had time to run," Sheila says. Poor April.

To be a wonderful wife, mother, daughter, friend and person is not an easy feat.  Make sure you take time for yourself.  I know I am at fault for taking my stresses out on my husband and family which I feel absolutely horrible about.  I have to remind myself that I am human, not superwoman sadly, and that I need to be a little selfish and take time for myself.  The happier and calmer I am, the smoother my family runs.  Just as a car needs new tires, its oil changed, filters cleaned, and battery charged, I need an extra long shower, a foot massage, time to read a good book, a glass or two of rejuvenate my body.  (N.B. This is true for everyone, men, women, children, we all need some "us" time to nourish our bodies)

A huge Congratulations to my friend, her husband and their two boys on the addition of a beautiful baby girl to their family!!!  God Bless!

A long To Do List is sitting next to me...Have a wonderful weekend!

Much love.

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