Tuesday, September 6, 2011

4th Grade

Jared's in the 4th grade!  He has one teacher for Math, Social Studies and Science and another teacher (in another room) for Spelling, Grammar and Reading i.e. Language Arts.  Switching teachers and classrooms is a big deal to little kids!  He is officially a big kid and getting close to the end of his years in elementary school..CRAZY!!!

I'd like to personally thank Jared for letting me take these photos this morning!  I was really exited and hopeful that he would go along with me and he did!  The more I let him play with my camera, the more he lets me use him as a subject in my photos for practice and for special moments like this! 

A morning isn't complete without a good stretch according to Dr. Lira! :)  She's a cutie and makes Jared super happy!  I'm glad he has her to play with and love on. 
He picked out his own outfit and looks pretty handsome if I do say so myself!  His under armor shirt, plaid shorts, black socks, brand new LA Gear sneakers (just like his dad had when he was a kid), and new haircut made the perfect mixture for a super handsome 9 year old boy!!!

If your aren't smiling from ear to ear and thinking Damn, that's a handsome boy then you are crazy!  Just my opinion!  C'mon, he's cute! 

And this one is one of my favorites...

The way Lira is looking up to him like he is the best thing since sliced bread and the contrasts in the colors just draw me to this photo.

The first day was a success! He rode the bus for the first time in his life (and loved it!) and didn't miss his stop.  His teachers were super nice, the kids were great and his day started with P.E.!  Starting the day off with gym is aways wonderful! 

Oh and another father at the bus stop asked me if I was Jared's high school sister.  I politely chuckled and said, "No, I'm his stepmom, but thanks for the compliment!"  Jared just looked at me with a goofy grin on his face and shrugged his shoulders. Oh what a great start to the day.  I quickly went home, made myself look as old as I possibly could and headed off to school for my Teaching Assistant (TA) class, Urban Economics graduate class and two comprehensive exams.  I'll be thankful when I'm 55 and I look 45!!  Let's hope my current track record holds for my lifetime!

All in all, today was a successful day for Jared and I!  First day of school jitters gone and comps completed...I think that calls for a big bowl of ice cream celebration!!  Bring on the mint brownie chip! Woop Woop!

Much love.


  1. Congrats to you two youngins'!!! LOL Glad you both had a great day and super happy he likes school!!! And Miss Lira is adorable!! Please tell Jared the kids and we say hi!!! Love you guys!!
    Love, Jill

  2. Thanks sis! I will be sure to tell Jared hi for the kiddos! Love you too!

  3. Looks so handsome. Glad he had a good day. Oh, and mother nature gets a litttle more serious after 50. Enjoy the look so young compliments.
    Love, Marge

  4. Ryan did a pretty good job on that haircut. Also... they still make LA Gear sneakers?! ALSO also, the picture of Jared with one backpack strap slung over his shoulder looks like a shot straight out of a JCPenney catalog!

  5. Marge - I know that once I hit 55, gravity takes over, but I sure hope I can hold out a few years longer! hehe!

    Kara - I know! He is a little model! You would have been dying of laughter if you saw him getting his pictures taken; he kept saying, "I like to carry my backpack like this, and like this." lol And YES, they still make LA Gears!!! We were sooo excited!

  6. I'm guessing he's a little too old for the shoes that light up when you walk...?

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  8. I don't know about too old, but he is "too cool" in his mind. The light up ones still exist though! Ryan and I played with them and were totally stoked to see all the new places on the shoes that light up!

  9. Glad it went well! For the record, mint brownie ice cream is amazing, Edy's is my favorite. We only get it on rare occasions, b/c I could eat the entire container myself!

  10. Ania! That is the exact ice cream Jared picked out! Edy's was 2 for $5, so we splurged and got two! It's glorious to have ice cream in the house, but it will be short lived :(

  11. He looks really cute! I get that all the time too with looking young. I think it's because I'm petite :0 I agree that it will be great once I really am old and people think I'm younger!


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