Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Walks are a twice, sometimes thrice, daily activities for us.  We used to walk and bike around the neighborhood, but we have discovered that crossing the semi-busy road to the lake is a much better option.  Jared can ride his bike like a mad man, Lira can sprint randomly since that is her new habit and jump in the lake whenever her little heart desires, and I can enjoy the view, take photos and not constantly worry about other dogs.  It's quite enjoyable! 

No matter what time of day it is, there is sometime beautiful to look at.  Being outside is good for my soul, even when it is in the 90's with 80% humidity.  It's not the most enjoyable weather, but when a breeze comes along I remember how amazing nature is.  The skies have been awesome lately and while I haven't been great at capturing their beauty, I am determined to master it.  Practice makes perfect.  
Oh and good old civilization has to step in and ruin the natural beauty.  At least this sign is old, rusty and makes for a great picture!  While it is a private lake I guess, Lira could care less.  If she wants to go for a swim, she jumps in.  Sadly she never gets far because she is on a leash...a leash we are in the process of making much longer i.e. buying a new one. 
Weeds are pretty too!
The little hunter!  She is a completely different dog from two months ago.  The Lira we picked up at the airport slept, ate, and slept her life away.  The new Lira sprints, loves walks, jumps in lakes, chases birds, barks, knows how to beg like a champ and still lover her sleepy time, but tends to want to play a bit more!  She was hilarious hunting in the bank of the lake. Notice the pink tongue!
While the title is Walks it is really bike rides for Jared!  When he visited his grandma in July, he got his bike back and has been on it every single day since!  Ryan raised the seat, we got him an awesome helmet and little Jared was ready to rock-n-roll! 
Every now and then he has a mishap, but for the most part he shows us tricks, races Lira and drives in circles, lots of circles!  He sure is a cute face!
On a special family walk this weekend, we were privileged to see a few older gentlemen sailing their model ships!  The sailboat was my favorite, but the boys like the battleships the best...typical boys!  It reminded me of my grandpop; he was always building model Navy ships, no ones with motors, but model US Navy ships nonetheless.  I can totally see Ryan and Jared doing that together someday in the near future.

For a little laughter, here is our wet and very happy puppy!!!

Happy Walking. Much love.

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