Thursday, July 28, 2011

Weekend Adventures

On Friday, a few of my girlfriends, Jared and I all gathered to see Dierks Bentley for FREE!  Yes, it was a free concert, but it was a 102 degrees at least.  Hot, humid and pretty horrible until there was a 2 minute rain that brought renewed hope!  The ice cones were quite refreshing as well! 
 Sweaty and still looking good!  Little shameless promotion for USAA while we are at it!   The next day we were lazy and didn't do much which was needed and enjoyed! Sometimes you just need lazy days even in the middle of summer on beautiful sun shining days. 

Sunday Funday was consumed with friends, rock climbing, cousins, grannies and a slumber party!  Rock climbing with Julia was a blast!  Thanks to Groupon we were able to go rock climbing for $9 a piece as opposed to $40ish!  Gosh, I love a good deal!  Our thought process went a little something like this let's try to find something inside because it is just so hot outside and the sun is deadly.  Rock climbing sounds perfect!  Well, we got there and it was a huge, unairconditioned garage and it was hot hot hot.  We were good sports and lost a gallon of water even with chugging it like it was our job. 
 Jared was a little monkey and loved Miss Julia!  Who could get to the top and touch the ceiling was a huge deal for Jared, so Julia and I obliged and showed him how it was done!  Little girls came and all he kept saying was how he could get hirer than they could.  He's a little competitor that's for sure!
 Swimming with Granny and his cousin was a blast too!  The water felt absolutely amazing after a few hours of sweating and climbing.  Did I mention, my arms were in pain the next day??  Well, they were and if felt good, real good!!
 Boys will be boys!  Cousins will be cousins!  They had a great time playing and swimming and being hams!
Much love.

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