Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Playing with his puppy on the floor and listening to some Johnny Cash A Thing Called Love  on our record player are two of the coolest things to do on a rainy day aside from playing on Daddy's PS3 and riding his bike.  The record player was a huge hit!  In the words of Jared, "that's more advanced than a CD player!" hahaha!  While it is far less advanced than a CD player, the basic concept is the same and great to teach little ones about the evolution of music electronics.  Music was a huge part of my childhood and continues to be a great sources of enjoyment to this day.  Music can express so much emotion and truly is one of the most important pleasures in life!  If I could have different music on in every room in the house, I would.  Music makes daily chores so much better!  Who doesn't love rocking out to music with a broom and dancing while dusting?!?! I know I sure do!  My love for music is something that I want to pass onto my children.  My father successfully passed it on to me and all of my other siblings and I am so grateful for that!  Music makes my life all the sweeter! 
To a little boy, fishing lures from Uncle Tom are sweetness!  The smellier, brighter and slimier, the better!!  Fishing is another strong interest in my family.  While I don't have the I can fish for hours, not catch a thing and still have an amazing time love for fishing, I do enjoy fishing for a few hours and catching fish.  The best type of fishing is when you actually catch fish or if either kayaking or swimming falls into the plan as well! 
Jared happens to have the fishing bug!  It's pretty sweet because Ryan loves to fish and it's definitely a hobby that my family can bond with him over!  I think it is probably a tie between my mom and my brother Tom for who has the strongest love for fishing!  My mama is a die hard angler!  She has her lucky hat  and can fish for hours on end with the hopes that the next cast is the one that will catch the big one! 
Little Lira went fishing too.  She just chilled in the grass and was her typical lazy self. 
She is definitely learning to be a dog a bit more each day!  She always follows me into the kitchen hoping that I will drop a little something for her on the floor.  She knows what you want a treat? (in a high pitched voice of course) and you want to go on a walk? mean! Oh and she has a bone that she loves to chew on and chase.  The hotter the day, the lazier she is...
At the age of nine, he caught his first fish!!  He actually caught two, but only one was a keeper.  It was a blue catfish.  Uncle Tom must know the spots and the right bait because he hasn't been successful in all his other attempts.  We are hoping this is the beginning of many more great catches!  We went crabbing yesterday and caught 8 crabs, but sadly I didn't take any photos.  I am still a little nervous about bringing my nice camera to the beach with all the sand and wind.  Any suggestions on how to protect your camera would be appreciated.
Uncle Tom at work.  Thanks to him we cannot have a catfish fry!  Apparently with catties, you nail them to a tree and carve the fillets off.  Their bone structure is dorsal ventral flattened unlike bass.

We ate Jared's catch this evening.  It was yummy, very wild tasting, but still pretty good.
Off go the boys on their 3.1 mile run!

Much love.

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