Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Anything boys can do, girls can do better! Ok, so maybe not better, but we can do it!

I have been pondering over what to write in my next this blog post because my days have been very mundane recently, but this article put a whole new light on them. While life can appear to be mundane with routines taking over and household chores and food shopping being daily norms, they are completely necessary. I may not be working full time, but I am getting my masters and the house is always in order, the yard work done, the pantry stocked, laundry done, dinners thought of and prepped, birthday cards sent and signed with love, etc. etc.... these things don't just happen on their own and I am honored to do them, but would they be done if I was working full time?? The answer is Yes, they probably would, but my free time now that I can spend with my family would be slim to none and I treasure that time because as a military wife, you don't know when it will be snatched out from underneath of you. As the article mentions, the military labels us dependents, and while there are some wives whom are just that, the majority of us are supporters. We make the home function smoothly while our best friend and soulmate is serving our country; we do a man's job at home because it's the right thing to do and we don't want to add any distractions to our husband's already stressful lives. We support them through and through. Ryan says that I make his life ten times easier and that without me he wouldn't be able to do what he does. We all know that he would still be able to do what he does, but knowing that you have a loving wife supporting you is the light at the end of the tunnel which gives him an extra boost each day. Without Ryan, I would not be the woman I am today. My level of independence, confidence and understanding of what loving someone through thick and thin truly means have grown tremendously this past year.

Back to cleaning: Cleaning is generally very calming for me and while I may not always enjoy it, the end result is glorious! Plopping down in a chair with a glass of ice water and a killer song on the radio in the middle of a clean house puts a smile on my face. While cleaning comes totally naturally to me...I think it's in my blood...trimming bushes does NOT come naturally, but you bet your booty, I trimmed the front bushes this morning!

Shaping the bushes was just fine, but my lack of height and extremely weak arms proved to be the challenging aspects. I was in my tippy toes much more than anticipated and one can only hold a trimmer straight out in front of her for so breaking point was about 25 minutes and that was with a few breaks. Lesson learned: keep working on those push ups and pull ups babydoll! Ironically, last weekend I was bragging to my mom about how strong my arms are getting. Bahaha! Silly me!

Fun: M.A. Econ students can have fun too! A little cookout of burgers, veggie kabobs, homemade cookies in which phrases such as "these are the best cookies I've ever eaten...for real...they are" were dropped and I smiled, strawberry rhubarb pie and homemade whipped cream, and beer led to lots of laughter! I always seem to worry about having people over because I can only control the food, not the atmosphere, and I hate that, but I must say, this past Tuesday was a blast! The realization that people are having fun, laughing, chatting, enjoying good food and all with no effort, is a beautiful thing! Happy is an understatement as to how I was feeling Tuesday evening.

So, I'm still not great at capturing semi low light movement clearly, but practice makes perfect! I love these crazies!

Weather: Hail?!?! Really Mother Nature?!? Hail in May in Virginia? Crazy! It was quite ironic and scary because I was chatting with my mom and she was telling me that my brother had to go to a secure area for a tornado warning this afternoon when the skies got dark, wind picked up and hail started pouring from the sky. It was not a comfortable situation. Instantly I began thinking what do I do if there is a tornado warning? There aren't basements here...Oh my heavens, I hope my car isn't getting dented by the larger than marble sized hail... Then is all stopped, the skies cleared and the sun broke through. My car is fine, phew!

School: Well, as most of you know, I am getting my masters in economics and with that comes a thesis statement i.e. paper. This summer I am working on my reading/research portion and then late summer, early fall I will begin my writing. My topic revolves around consumer protection, economic theory regulation and the Dodd Frank Act. Thrilling eh?!?! It is to me, but not to most. Basically, I want to apologize in advance for future posts that revolve around venting my frustrations with the paper.

Much love.


  1. I read that article you posted and was astonished. I never heard of military wives being spoken of negatively. Where is this coming from (media, etc) and exactly what does "dependent" mean? Does that refer to wives getting medical insurance from their spouse? Personally, I consider the military to be the same as any other job (but harder), so so what if a spouse wants to be a stay at home parent? It's a full time job caring for a house or kids. I can't imagine how tough it must be for some military parents away from their spouse and family. It's got to be so difficult!

    What are your job plans after school?

  2. I admire you, girl! I know I could trim bushes or cut grass if I needed too, but I am glad I have my husband to do that (when we buy a house that is). I'm content doing the shopping, cooking and most of the cleaning and sharing the other chores. I'd feel burnt out if I had to do it all. You are SO strong!

  3. Hey Gals! Dependent is a term used for spouses and children of military members. It is strictly a term used to indicate that the person isn't a member of the military, but receives the same benefits without serving the country. A lot of military "dependents" don't work because they move around so often and some companies don't want to hire military dependents because they know they will lose them within a few years (generally). It's a shame, but it's the reality. The negativity towards dependents never crossed my mind until I lived in a military town. It's shocking and sad how common it is.

    My career plans after grad school are to work either as a teacher or with the Fed for a few years and then I am seriously considering going for my PhD. My personal plans after graduation are to have babies!!

    Thank you Ania! It is amazing what the human heart and body can get used to. I never imagined myself marrying a military man and being apart from the love of my life, but I am and we make it work. As I said in my post, I have grown a ton these past years and I am better for it. Luckily, I love yard work, but note to self, NEVER have bushes; they are evil in my mind. :) I am a traditional girl who does "girl" things and thinks boys should do "boy" things, but sometimes tradition is turned upside down and it still all works out. Live and learn!

  4. First- Great job on trimming the bushes!!! I am proud that I can do alot, but I have never had to trim bushes and I dont think I would know where to start! :)

    Second- You are a great supporter! It is a difficult job being the wife of military, but you take care of your home and family so hubby can have a peaceful mind while gone on missions- You are an amazing woman!!

    Third- WAY to go, working on your masters!!! I did not go that far with college so Im not sure what all you are taking on, but my sister just finished up her thesis and I am in AWE of you two ladies!! Both military wives and working on your education! Amazing and inspiring!!!

    ps- Are you all playing beer pong?? Love that game!! I miss the military life!!

  5. Kristina! Thank you for all your kind words! I thoroughly enjoy school, so it doesn't feel like a job, but it does take a lot of my time (probably because I am a perfectionist) and I tend to get consumed in it which isn't a good thing all the time.
    I love being a supporter! I was always the "mom" of the group. I like to take care of people; it's part of who I am.
    And the bushes, well, I had no idea where to start, so I attacked with the motto that I could always cut more off, so I better start with the pieces that were a foot longer than the rest of the bush! :) It kind of just came to me as I went and believe me, it's not perfect.

  6. Oh and yes, it is beer pong in the picture! It's actualy double beer pong - two people on eaach team each with 6 cups. It gets more people involved that way!


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