Monday, May 16, 2011


As I sit here with a glass of wine, I reflect on my life with a smile on my face and tears in my eyes. A roller coaster ride only begins to explain my moods and emotions lately. Over the past several months, the number of goodbyes and welcome homes have been endless and they begin to wear on a heart. After a good cry and conversation with my wonderful husband, I always seem to feel worlds better. Communication in all forms, words, hugs, kisses, tones, letters, is a strength of ours...thank God! It is through all the times apart that we have learned to communicate verbally and through written words, but Lord only knows just how much I cannot wait until our face to face communication outweighs our distance communication. Military life is rough, but for your soulmate, anything is worth it and I sure have my soulmate!

Sunshine puts a smile on my face and yard work makes me feel accomplished, so what better to do on a duty day when I am down and out then get outside and work in the gardens!

Our little pepper plant that is growing like a stud in an old paint can of my daddy's.

Above: The left side of my driveway...fern, flowering bush, cute little flower
Below: The right side of my, daffodils, cute little flower

My little seedlings are starting to really grow! The chives are struggling a bit, but I'm sure they will start growing like weeds anytime now! The acron square are doing great though! There is such a beauty in watching handplanted seedlings grow into blossoming plants! I am such my father's daugher! Thank you daddy for giving me your green thumb and your love of gardening! I only hope to achieve your level of perfection and creativity!

Our baby bunny stopped by for a visit. I have yet to catch a photo of our flightless birdie that likes to chase the lawnmower, but one day I will!

Oh and a little creativity for the new earring holder! Thank you to my brother and his girlfriend for the idea! It's perfect!

After visiting Ryan on the ship for a little dinner of homemade calzones, I came home to see this hanging on my neighbors garage! Her love it coming home!!

No matter the time or place, a sign like this puts a loving tear in my eye! Welcome home hero! God bless our troops! Thank you for your love, courage and dedication; you are truly heros in my eyes!

Much love.


  1. I don't know how you do it! Chris was away for 2 days a few weeks ago and it was so hard on me. I just kept thinking about you and other military wives I know and how strong you must be!

    I planted some flowers this year and I want to try vegetables/spices next year. Yours are looking good!

  2. Thanks Marjorie! It is far from easy and I don't have much advice besides stay busy, try to stay positive, and get used to not sleeping at normal times :)

    As for the veggies, they are pretty easy! You can either start them from seed or just buy the little potted plants and transplant them. I grew up with a huge veggie garden that sometimes made it and sometimes got eaten by bugs... Failure is common with veggies because of the bugs that eat the roots and vines. Flowers are fun though! They make a house feel like a home!


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