Thursday, May 19, 2011

Date Night

Oh Date Nights how I love thee! Ryan came home from work today and we were both in great moods which sadly hasn't been the case lately, so we took full advantage of it! After a little gardening teamwork style, some paperwork, lots of kisses and some grill action, we headed to the beach! Our intentions were to walk the beach and then dream in Home Depot about the perfect kitchen, master bath...ahh!

We started walking and went into a few stores along the way...

My baby loves his glasses. No purchases were made here this evening.

And a big congrats to my honey once again for being admitted to the iMBA Penn State program! It's cool going to a school that people actually know. Between the Phillies hat that he wears for me and his Penn State sweatshirt, he is one popular dude! This football was a little reminder of just how cool Pennsylvania the State really it! :)

After seeing this, my ears perked up. Is that music I hear? Oh heck yea it is! And guess what? It's live and free! Just my style! Neptune's Corner, I heart you! Thank you for making a little walk along the beach absolutely amazing.

Neptune was pretty sweet even as night fell (right). He was huge!

And the vibe, well it was awesome! Anyone and everyone was welcome! Notice Mohawk dude! Love his hair! There was a preppy golf couple that broke a beautiful blue glass the moment they sat down and looked beyond embarrassed, but no one seemed to care. The Steelers fans were so relaxed decked out from head to toe to cellphone covers with Steeler logos while enjoying cold turn the Rockys blue Coors Lites! Kids were playing lacrosse in the grassy patch and while I'd like to say kids, but can't, grown men were doing tricks with their bikes. It was a neat evening! Oh and who can forget, the waitress nearly ignored us, so we made friends with the bartender, Ryan to exact! He gave us dessert menus and made me the most amazing peach cranberry mojito! I giggled it was so good! :) The downside...that mojito cost us $13. So much for a cheap night. Sorry babe. I didn't know :(

Above: My Mojito and the fire pit. It was a communal, 10 people sit around fire pits kind of place. Very beachy! I think I am starting to like this place a lot more. Summer, bring on the fun!

And of course, the music! You gotta love live performances by locals that are actually good! Classic rock, some crazy country, Billy Joel, and many others were music to our ears last night!

Alas, we bit ye farewell Neptune. Thanks for watching over us and letting us have a grand time together! Date nights are the best!

Much love.


  1. Where are you stationed??? We use to live near Parris Island and I LOVED it!! I absolutely adore the coast!! Miss it more every day!

    The River Front would have free concerts and you could sit outside at one of the many restaurants and eat/drink or sit on the lawn, or even pull your boat up to the side of the walk and enjoy the music while floating on the river!!! AHH- I have to get back to Beaufort now!!! :)

  2. We are stationed in Norfolk/Virginia Beach area. It's a summer vacation town, so the fun season is almost in full swing right now. This is our first summer here, but so far it is good! I can't wait to make summer memories.


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