Friday, May 27, 2011


Feeling is the best word to explain the past week. Feelings of pain, joy, accomplishment, love, and even anger have consumed my mind and body. Feeling the emotions of life is a beautiful gift that I believe my parents taught me at a young age and I have embraced completely. Life is so much sweeter when you feel from the inside and truly embrace emotions whether it's sobbing tears to the point of gasping for air and smeared mascara on your pillow, laughing until your abs are burning and tears are trickling down your face, or caring so much that your heart feels as if it's growing in your chest, feeling is precious.

Ryan's grandfather passed away on May 25th and tears were shed across the country. While I have not known him as long as others, he was a strong, faithful, and extremely sweet man who was a dedicated wife, father, grandfather and great grandfather. His love of life, his family and golf will live on in all of those who experienced him. I am truly blessed to have known him and I will forever hold him in my heart. To Ryan, his grandfather and his father are the two most important grown men in his life and I pray that compassion is bestowed upon him and beautiful memories fill his mind and heart. Tears have been shed and will continue to be shed for the loss of a wonderful man whom opened his heart and home to me the moment he met me. His wink and endearing smile will forever be imprinted on heart.

Ryan and his grandpa

Four Generations of Handsome & Loving Men

Feelings of accomplishment overcame as well this past week. I officially created an etsy site after crafting several more headbands and taking higher quality photographs. Custom orders are encouraged as well. My email is

Accomplishment was also felt when I completed an 8 hour Advanced Motor Boating course and became a Virginia lifetime certified skipper!! Melissa and I were two of three girls amidst a sea of men and we rocked it! We were the 2nd and 3rd people done and we drove the boat like total studs! It we impressive and felt really good!!!

When Ryan came home Saturday morning, he walked into a clean house, Amura the cute little bunny chilling in the backyard, coffee brewing and me in the kitchen cooking him a lovely breakfast! That was the start of a wonderful weekend and our first almost full weekend in months! It is amazing and sad what you can get used to living with. After a wonderful breakfast and some snuggle time, we headed out to Home Depot and dreamed! Then it was off to Best Buy where we walked out empty handed because we couldn't for the life of us remember why we went there. Lesson learned: write it down. After that mishap, it was off to the golf course! We only played 9-holes because that's all I generally play; the first 7 were good, the last 2 were horrible. Talk about ending on a low note...ugh. The good news is that I played all 9 holes with the same golf ball!! That's an accomplishment for me!

Feelings of love consumed the entire weekend! We grabbed a cold beer after golfing and went out for sushi in downtown! It was like a date day and night! Sunday was no different! We went canoeing and fishing for a few hours and it was glorious! I caught 4 huge catfish and Ryan caught 2 huge catfish and a sunny! He wins by variety, I will by numbers! Fishing is so much better when you actually catch fish! A lovely afternoon spent on an extremely still lake with my baby was perfect! That night, we made homemade pizza and I drug him to a Big Band performance. Little did I know that we would be the youngest people there and that it wasn't traditional big band music...oops. It was free though! Oh and my baby danced with me! Thanks Sweetie! I know it's not natural for you to dance and I love you for getting out that and spinning me around because I love it! Muah!

Sunday ended with me falling asleep on the couch like the old lady I am and Monday morning started with a kiss and me telling Ryan he looked cute! He smiled! Today was Memorial day and I spent it away from my sailor... He worked while I mowed the lawn, weeded, watered and cleaned. Dinner was spent together and I made him a sweet little treat of chocolate covered strawberries! Yum! Conversation was flowing and feelings were brewing... Please say a prayer that the worries don't come true.

Happy Memorial Day to all the good men and women who have served and are serving our beautiful country. God Bless you.

Much love.


  1. What a great weekend. Do you live near a lake or travel to one? So neat that became certified! It always nice achieving goals for yourself.

  2. We live near a few, but they are salt water and Ryan and I aren't salt water fishers, so we drove south 30 minutes to a fresh water lake and rented a canoe. Achieving goals is a wonderful feeling!

  3. We rocked that boating class like champs!! I am so proud of us! Now to put these skills to use...

  4. Hehe! I know! We need to put them to use, but by the looks of that, it won't be until July/August/September. Thanks for taking it with me. I'm glad we did it!


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