Monday, May 23, 2011


Amura: meaning Big Smile

Gender: Unisex

Origin: Polynesian

Potential: Helper

Desire: Freedom

My little bunny has finally been named, Amura. I googled "names meaning smile" because every time I walk out back and I see her/him hopping around, nibbling grass, sunbathing, I get a huge smile and get a sudden urge to take photos! Amura popped up in the results and seemed to fit the mold. I don't know if baby bunny is a male or female, so a unisex name is perfect! Amura and her mama are always out back nibbling my grass which is a huge help to me...I only have to mow once every two weeks now! And last but not least little bunny wants freedom from all the dogs and cars in the neighborhood. Luckily, squash plants and parsley are yummy foods to her/him and I have lots to provide.

Enjoy this slideshow of my new little friend.

Soaking up the rays! This one cracks me up! Didn't even flinch when I saw her and started snapping pictures!

Bunnies are cute! I've never had a positive experience with a baby bunny growing up, but we were always rescuing the bunny from a cat or such and once a human touches a bunny, the mama abandons it. One time my cat had just had kittens and she let a little bunny nurse with her kittens! The bunny lived longer than others in the past, but it still died.

Watching this little guy grow is exciting to me! I love nature!

Eat Up!

Much love.

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