Tuesday, April 19, 2011



This weekend was an unexpected weekend home and a very emotional one. Sometimes in life you receive sad news and it hits you in a way you don't expect it to. A dear friend of mine lost her father and while I only met her father once, this news rocked me to the core. Please keep her, her family and her father in your prayers.

God saw you getting tired

and a cure was not to be.

So He put his arms around you

and whispered "Come to Me."

With tearful eyes we watched you,

and saw you pass away.

Although we loved you dearly,

we could not make you stay.

A golden heart stopped beating,

hard working hands at rest.

God broke our hearts to prove to us,

He only takes the best.

His funeral was a beautiful testament to his life. Many hats were worn, tears shed, Irish prayers sung and hearts swelled this rainy Saturday. The heavens were brought to tears by the love that was shown for such a wonderful father, husband, brother, son and friend. God Bless.


These two little cuties welcomed me after my drive home with eagerness to play. What's better than playing with water guns and pretending to drive the lawnmower? Nothing, duh! Gramma's house is the best - 5 acres, trampoline, digging in gardens, rough-housing with grandpa, seeing awesome Auntie and eating animal crackers and grapes! It was a nice little surprise to have my niece and nephew over, but sadly it was an emergency babysitting session because their grandpa was in the hospital.


It's that time of year again...PROM Season. Since I have never seen my little brother off to a formal dance, being able to snap a few pictures and witness these two cuties for Junior Prom was a pretty big deal for me! They looked dynamite to say the least!

What's prom without a little sense of humor?!?!

Looking good. I have to admit, I don't think I looked nearly that grown-up or put together at my junior prom. If I had the ability to scan a photo of me at my junior prom, you would see that I was white as a ghost with no eyes because I was smiling so wide. I do remember absolutely loving my hair and thinking I looked pretty damn sexy in my black and white mermaid dress, but I know for sure, I looked YOUNG...really young and quite chubby. Luckily, years later I am starting to look my age...kinda... My eyes still get lost in smiles and I get carded all the time, but I'm ok with that.

What's a weekend without a visit to the local Korean food market?? Honestly, it was my first time there and I looked completely out of place because I was one of about 10 non-Korean people in the store, including the 3 members of my family! Oh and I brought my camera in and was totally obnoxious with it, but check out these shots!

I took a ton of others, but I will spare you the fish eyes and salmon heads that look like cartoons and ignited the singing of...

Fish heads Fish heads,

Roly Poly fish heads,

Fish heads Fish heads,

Eat them up, Yum!


A big congratulations to Reen for getting 2nd place in her "Education" cake decorating contest! The sky is the limit as you inch towards success was the theme of her cake. She's a talent one! Major kudos to her bf for the coat! Looking spiffy!

I sure love this man! And his Phillies hat! To the moon and back baby!

Much love.


  1. Cool, I've never been to a Korean market.

  2. I'm sorry about your friend's loss. I hope those two cut little faces helped to cheer you up!! And your brother and his date look great! Her dress is gorgeous and compared to that I looked like a messy child at my prom!!! HA! Also LOVING the Phillies hat! Quite a game last night!

  3. Marjorie - I would look around your area because they are amazing! Some items are much cheaper, while others are the same price, but the options are endless! I had never seen so many options for veggies, greens, fish, and rice products! Plus, it's a neat experience.

    Laura- Thank you! The little ones always cheer me up and those Phillies are AMAZING!! I joke around and tell him that when he wears his hat, his sex appeal increase ten-fold!

  4. Alright, 'fess up: How much did you have to pay Ryan to wear that hat?

  5. Hehe! Absolutely nothing! He actually wears his Phillies hat all the time! It's crazy! I LOVE it!! :)


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