Tuesday, April 19, 2011

To the Moon and Back

Driving home Sunday evening, I was enamoured by the full or almost full moon that shone so brightly and almost seemed to guide me. I imagined kids in the backseat asking, Mommy, why is the moon moving? It looks closer now! Are we following the moon? And I was answering with phrases that triggered their interest and made them think a bit harder about their questions. Minutes when by before I realized that I had a huge smile on my face thinking of my imaginary family, and then a childhood prayer came to my lips...

I see the moon,

And the moon sees me.

God bless the moon,

And God bless me.


Every night I would kneel by the side of my bed and pray for my parents and my grandparents and my brothers and sisters and my cat who was evil, but I loved dearly and my dogs and for doll houses and lightening bugs and the moon. I always said my little moon prayer. In this perfect reminiscing moment of mine, I decided that I was renaming my blog. The Longer the Waiting, the Sweeter the Kiss is very true, but I don't want my blog of my life to be titled around Waiting. I am living a beautiful, wonderful, spectacular life and while there is waiting and plenty of kisses, there is always love and no matter where my family may be, we are always under the same majestic and mightiful moon, and I will always love them to the moon and back again!

I truly am blessed. Sometimes it takes a lonely drive, some killer tunes, and a great big, bright moon to remind me of that, but I have been reminded... The moon saw me and I saw the moon this part Sunday night!

Much love.

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