Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Lately, my guilty and completely emotional pleasure has been watching reruns of Coming Home on Lifetime. While I cry 99% of the time, they are purely happy tears, and we all need some happy tears once and a while, right?! Crying seems to work wonders for me! If I am mad, just let me cry for 5 minutes and I'm a new woman. If I am really happy and totally overjoyed, the tears start flowing and I start laughing and I feel wonderful! What can I say, I'm an emotional girl? And for the record, emotional girls have lots of fun!

Oh, I also have a secret obsession with The Royal Wedding, the People's Wedding, you know Kate & Wills Wedding!!! I guess it's not so secret anymore, but it was for a bit... I have all the shows DVR'd so that I can watch them when I can't sleep, which sadly has been pretty common these days. It could be the fact that I'm a girl whom loves weddings, but I think it has a little more to do with the princess in me that yearns to escape! I mean, my name is Sarah, which is of Hebrew origin meaning princess! (I have hinted to Ryan that I am enamoured by the Royal Wedding, but I don't know if he knows the extent of it...eek!) I love Kate's style, her statement-making hair pieces, her classy, sexy style and to top it off, she's fair skinned and dark haired! Love it!

Anyone else love The Royal Wedding?!?!

Much love.


  1. I'm really interested! However, what I've seen/know is really limited since we don't have cable :( I love the hats she wears though (and her shoes and coats and who am I kidding, everything she wears!)

  2. I am SO into the royal wedding. Although, like Marjorie, I don't have cable! I will admit that I have requested a vacation day from work on the 29th under the guise of "a very long dentist appointment!" HA!! I can't wait to watch all of the coverage!

  3. Not so much the Royal Wedding, but I love Coming Home!!!!! Jared and I watch it all the time and we both, yes , we both cry during it!!!!

  4. I didn't realize how many of my girlfriends were into the Royal Wedding until this post! Not much can get my out of bed at 4am, but this wedding will! Growing up, I didn't have cable, but now I do and I must say, aside from Lifetime, the food network and HGTV, I never watch anything that isn't aired on normal stations 6, 10, 17, 29.
    And Kate's style...ahh, I love it all!!! I really try to be just as classy with an edge of sexiness when I get dolled up!

  5. Luara - a long dentist appointment! That's great and perfect because it starts at 4am! I must say that is very sneaky, but totally something I would do!

    Marjorie - You might be able to watch some of the shows on the internet. I've heard of Hulu as a good site to watch shows you don't get... My sister inlaw doesn't have cable or a tv for that matter, but she watches some shows on her computer through Hulu.


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