Sunday, April 24, 2011

Holy Week

Holy Week is usually a time for me when a few extra Masses are attended, decades of the rosary silently recited, gratefulness is expressed, sorrow is felt and love is shared. This past Holy Week was different in some ways and exactly the same in others. Between papers due, classes to attend and finals to prep for, I was unable to attend Holy Thursday services, so it was with great amount of Catholic guilt that I went to the Good Friday service. For me, Good Friday has always been extremely solemn and reflective, but this year was completely different. Different in the there was an offering collection, the priest carried a small cross down the aisle as opposed to the full size one I grew up watching the priest laboriously drag down the aisle, and people didn't leave Church in silence... While it was a nice service, it wasn't what I am used to and I needed and so desperately wanted my traditional Good Friday service. I left a little disheartened, but quickly reminded myself that new traditions and experiences are good. Then I came to the realization that while neither one is necessarily better or worse, one can be better for me and I am a traditional gal.

Saturday was nice! I went to yoga with a good friend of mine, ate tons of ripe strawberries, knocked out a 3o page Econometrics II paper and watched The Ten Commandments while sipping some lovely chocolate flavored vino with Julia! Let me just say, while I have seen The Ten Commandments multiple times, probably 25 times...once a year since my birth...I still love the movie and chuckle to myself when I see the male Egyptians' hair! What is up with that?

See what I'm talking about?

Happy Easter to all those who celebrate the rising of Jesus and happy Sunday to the rest of ya! Easter started off with a surprisingly easy 5:45am wake up. I brewed a pot of coffee, tried on a few Easter dresses and decided to wear a green retro looking dress because it went best with my shoes....

I got them over two years ago and rarely wore them...actually forgot about them until I unpacked in March and couldn't wear them because it has been "winter" season until now. They were a great find for $3 at a secondhand store in Santa Monica and they are my new favorite shoes!!! I love refinding awesome fashion items!

After a beautiful Mass filled with Alleluias and songs that I love to sing, I came home and finished sewing my camera strap cover!

I made the fabric flower and all! It is my first of many camera strap covers and isn't my best crafty work because I am still trying to figure out my sewing machine and it was my first flower, but nonetheless, I like it! It speaks to me and gets my creative juices flowing!

Speaking of creative juices...I decided to enjoy my cup of coffee on my back deck with my camera and new fun strap in hand...

There is something about a clear blue sky and green, o so green, leaves that invigorate me! I love the color green. Yep, I love it! And then I took a few photos of our blooming bushes and of my feet in Oh my heavens, WHITE shoes!! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this northern put on white shoes for one split second today because it is allowed on Easter Sunday! They will be safely tucked away until Memorial Day weekend at which time I will wear them proudly...probably with white shorts too! :)

And after heading inside, I kept with the creative juices...

my makeshift Easter decorations...and drum roll please....

HOT HOMEMADE APPLE PIE with a cross on it!!!!

The apple pie was part of dessert for a wonderful lunch that I was invited to! To top the day off, I met a few new friends, had a great lunch and watch Hop! It's a really cute movie! It I had kids, I'd totally take them to see it!

While it wasn't my traditional Easter Sunday of 7:30 Mass, a big family breakfast, a 2 mile Easter Egg Hunt and I mean hunt and a ton of kiddos and family members running around, it was a wonderful Easter Sunday!

Much love.


  1. Wow, 30 page paper! I bet it feels good to have that done. 2 mile Easter egg hunt sounds really cool. Can't do that in a lot of places. Hope you enjoyed your holiday!

  2. Yea, it's nice to have that paper done, but now I am second guessing a few things and will most likely alter it until it's due.
    The 2 mile Easter egg hunt is soo much fun! It's in the woods, so you have to put on "hiking" attire!
    I hope your first time hosting Easter went well!!!

  3. I'm glad you had a nice Easter Sunday, and I am SO IMPRESSED with that pie! I'm getting a sewing machine soon and I'm so excited! What kind did you get?

  4. Mine is a Brother XL 2600i. Ryan gave it to me for Christmas and I just haven't had the time to figure it all out, but it has 30ish stitch options, isn't too heavy and is really nice. I've always had old, all metal Singer sewing machines, but they are getting too expensive to fix, so an update was needed.

    The pie tasted lovely! My mom is the "Pie Queen" so I'd like to say I was taught by the best!

  5. We missed ya Sarah! But mom got lots of pics!!! Hopefully next year!!!


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