Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Birth Announcement!

This is an extremely belated post because a) I wanted to wait until the birth announcements were sent out and b) I have been extremely busy with school and haven't blogged in forever.

Here it goes!

...A beautiful baby girl that we cannot wait to meet! We are all so excited to hold her, skype with her and love on her this summer!

Kylie Marie

(Isn't she simply adorable?!?!)

She is our first niece and Jared's first cousin on Ryan's side of the family!! Super Exciting! It is really hard being away from family on a daily basis, but when there are births, the yearning to be near strengthens ever so much. Thank God for, facebook...they make it much easier to follow her accomplishments, smiles, and beautiful face!

Oh and I saw these, I would like to say a few days ago, but I actually saw them at least a month ago, and they ignited that girlie urge to make extremely adorable, over-the-top girlie dresses for Kylie! New Mama and Papa better watch out once this Auntie is done with this hellish semester of grad school!

Much love.

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