Friday, April 29, 2011

A Simply Royal Day!

BUZZ! HONK! BEEP! It's 3:45am on April 29, 2011, and I am getting out of bed rather easily... That means one thing...

The Royal Wedding

and tea and toast and PJs of course!

A little late, but proof that I was awake! The multiple text message updates I sent to Ryan, including the photo of me crying are also living proof! He was so happy for the wonderful wake-up texts! hehe!

Let me just say, the hats were amazing! I didn't snap any TV photos of the hats, but I thoroughly enjoyed all of them! I think my favorite one was the black feathered one with a fuchsia and purple flower worn by...umm...I'm not good with names and frankly the only people I recognized aside from the Middletons and the Royals (and only the major ones at that) were Elton John and the Beckhams.

Let me reiterate from my previous post: A man in uniform is beyond SEXY and Prince William, or should I say Duke of Cambridge, was no exception.

And those pants...they are skinnier than I expected. Very European. I like!

Katherine was an absolutely stunning bride exuding pure beauty, an aura of calm and pure happiness. When William snuck a peak at Kate after Harry leaned into him and told him Kate was almost there, and when he saw Kate and told her she looked beautiful, my heart melted. I'm a sap and a true romantic! It reminded me of my Ryan! He said the same thing to me on our wedding day! When she stepped into the carriage, looked at William and said "I'm happy!"...I cried. While I didn't snap any TV photos of the wedding ceremony because I was so entranced, I did get a few balcony ones. I'd like to toot my own horn and let you know that I took all of these live! No pausing the TV and yes, the kiss one just shows my photography skills! hehe!

They are so happy!

Princess Katherine and the Crowds

Drum roll...

The kiss that will go down in history!

While some may think I am crazy for getting up so early when I actually do have DVR, I'd like to say, there is something special about partaking in history in real time. I'm just really happy that I got up and enjoyed it in the quiet of my home. Weddings make me giddy and vivid love makes my heart swell!

To the Newlyweds, I wish you a lifetime of love and happiness from this day forward. On a more personal note, the part of your vows "I promise to honor you with my body" was perfect! Much love, Sarah

After the Royal Wedding morning, I went to school, studied my brains out and nervously decided to donate blood. A little history...the last three times I have tried to give blood, I have been anemic, so I was nervous that that would be the outcome again. Luckily, my blood is strong and I was able to donate! There is something about donating blood that makes me feel like I am doing a little something to help. Well, this blood donating experience was anything, but boring! Imagine a Red Cross bus with four loud, sweet and hilarious black people. Now, image me, the only one patient in there with them. Now, throw in some Philly yo's, a lot of girl, you with me right?, some quality economic talk (that made me feel really intelligent) and an abundance of laughter, loud laughter! It was one of those experiences where you wish you could bottle personalities, so that you can open them up when you are having a dull or sad day and need a little spunk in life. Thanks for a great experience Redd Cross!

The day ended with a little study group, some beers and appetizers at a local Irish Pub, an intense and quite mind opening religious debate, and some headband making! Tomorrow will be much more studying...9 hours of exam writing on Monday and Tuesday...please say a little prayer for me. Thanks!

much love.


  1. I only got up at 6:45am. I was disappointed I missed seeing her get out of the carriage and walk down the aisle, but I caught some re-runs.

    I have a phobia of needles (only needles that stay in your skin for awhile). It's literally so bad that I have full panic attacks were I feel like a can't breathe :0 I've always wanted to donate blood, but I'm not sure if it will happen. Kudos to you for donating!

  2. Hey! Reruns are wonderful! I just realy wanted to get up at 3:45a, so I did. She looked beautiful!

    Thanks! I luckily don't fear needles like you do. Believe me, I don't like them, but it's more the inserting process that makes me nervous.

  3. I got up early too!!! I was on the couch with my breakfast by 4:05!! My mom and sister got up with me and we watched the whole thing, and I loved every second! She looked GORGEOUS and it was all just perfect!


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