Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Finals are over and Summer is here

After two days and nine hours of exams, I enjoyed a Sam Adams Summer Ale and then slept for hours! It was absolutely glorious to not set an alarm and get tangled up in white sheets without worrying about proving two stage least squares and what a two household infinite horizon optimality condition looks like! While I do know what those two things are, along with a lot more, it was nice to not care about them for a day or two or a whole week!

Instead of schoolwork, I did housework and I loved it! Whether it was the change of pace, the lack of sitting with pencil in hand rapidly writing notes, or the fresh air flowing through the house, I was happy! I vacuumed with enthusiasms, dusted every nook and cranny, blasted country music and danced while folding laundry! Once the inside was perfect, and I mean perfect! I went outdoors and conquered the foot tall grass (in the backyard only...we need our neighbors to think we are responsible and all, so I actually mow the front lawn on a weekly basis) and the weeds. What I quickly found out is that 1. I need gloves 2. I need a shovel and 3. there are a ton of ants in Virginia. Eeek! I hate ants. Normally, I don't mind insects, but these little ants are invading the property and my master bathroom; that's a topic for another day though. So, back to the outdoors...I planted herbs and flowers and they are beautiful! We have basil, cilantro (for Ryan because I think it tastes soapy), chives, hot peppers, squash and mint! I love the smell of basil and mint! MmmMmm! As for flowers, I threw some wildflower seeds in a barren bed of dirt and then I planted some cute little $0.99 flowers out front. They are neat looking! Overall, the yard looks great and I am very pleased with the work I've put into it! Oh and for mother's day, Ryan got me a shovel and garden gloves! Yay! I love them dearly and will use them often!

For Cinco de Mayo, a few girlfriends and I went to a wholesale flower store and then enjoyed some Mexican favorites...guacamole, tacos, and of course margaritas!!! The flowers were amazing! As the for the evening, it was fun, but quite emotional. Put a few military wives in a room with some margaritas and you've got the perfect combination for heart to hearts which are generally quite emotional. Hey, I think it's healthy to release emotions now and then no matter how strong you are supposed to be, so we did and it was good!

And how can you resist such a cute little face?!?! Precious!

So, Friday I got to see my honey and then Saturday he was actually allowed to come home, so we made the most of it!! Saturday was Wine Fest in Norfolk! Who doesn't love some wine tasting?!?! We sure do! Since it was a spur of the moment decision, the only traditional wine food we had was grapes. I packed some grapes, strawberries and animal crackers...you know, to keep it classy! Oh and a blanket of course! A few friends from the ship were there with their spouses, so we all hung out and enjoyed some vino on a beautiful sunny day! It was perfect! This is the only picture we have because I didn't bring my camera for fear that wine would be spilled on it...

Saturday night we took a quick nap, went to Mass and headed out for dinner. Our mission was to try a new sushi place and hit up home depot, so we decided to try what we thought was a sushi restaurant, but was actually a Japanese place that cooked your meals in front of you and threw shrimpies in your mouth! I'm proud to say that Ryan and I both caught the fish on first tries! Go us! It was really good food! We shared spicy tuna rolls and a steak, shrimp, veggie and rice plate. We will definitely go back, but next time we will bring a larger group, preferably a large and loud group because our table was kinda lame...no other shrimp takers or even claps for tricks :/ Oh well, next time I guess.

Mother's Day:

We spent the morning chatting with our wonderful mamas, drinking coffee, and watching the drizzle before heading to walmart and the nex for a much needed router. No internet stinks in a way, but it quite nice as well too. After the rain stopped and my mood improved slightly, we went golfing. I was far from in the mood to golf, but I was hitting the ball decent for the first time this year, so my mood improved a bit. I have been in a funk lately. When a semester ends and a new one hasn't started, I feel lost and worthless. I should be doing something, making money, staying busy, but no matter what I do, I feel like I'm not doing enough. I need to realize that keeping the house perfect is enough right now... It's just hard for a go-getter like myself.

Sunday evening we enjoyed some fresh fruit and a homemade pizza!

It was the first time we used out food processor and we LOVE it! We made pizza sauce with some tomatoes, fresh basil from the garden and lots of garlic! It was delicious!

This wonderful gift came from two wonderful people, Katums and Jason! It just so happened that the very same weekend we used the food processor, a pretty little card came in the mail from Katums! I love getting letters in the mail!

That's the envelope and letter in one! I love it!! She is always finding the cutest stationary!

One final note...I love fresh flowers in my house!!!

Much love.


  1. Everything sounds lovely! Looks like you are enjoying life :) I've never been to a wine tasting, I'll have to put that on my to-do list. I love how you made the pizza sauce too. Seems easy and tasty!

  2. Thanks! Wine tastings are so much fun! This one was outside with live music and completely family friendly! Now that it is getting nicer, there should be a few around your area! The Pizza sauce was great! It was so much more flavorful and healthy tasting than the store bought stuff and it didn't take much time at all with the food processor!


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