Monday, April 25, 2011

Lucky Me!

Ryan and his shipmate in their WHITES! Gosh, I wish I saw him in these on happy occasions more often!

When he is in his whites he always seems to be leaving for deployment or somewhere far from my arms which is never good especially since he drives me crazy in his Tom Cruise whites! I seriously think this is the sexiest outfit he owns! I have dreams of us swing dancing, him in his whites, me in a navy and white polka-dot dress, hair curled and killer heals! Ahh! If only that was reality... Needless to say, I am one lucky girl to be married to this hunk! Love you babe!!

Much love.

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  1. Ahh- Men in uniform. I married a Marine :) who is now a firefigher. I still get goose bumps when watching An Officer and a Gentleman, at the end when Gere is in uniform and goes walking through the mill... oohhh... :)
    Please tell your husband Thank you for his service and for protecting our family!! God Bless you both!!

  2. Thank you! I will certainly let him know. Thank you to your husband for his service here and abroad as well! And thank you for supporting him.
    I too get goose bumps when watching An Officer and a Gentleman as well! There is just something about a uniform that makes me go gaga!


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