Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Delightful Digs

Delightful Digs was a delightful find on this wonderful Virginia Beach afternoon. The day started off with a kiss from my sweetie and progressed to fried eggs and the ever needed coffee! Ryan had his GMATs today and I attended my first yoga class! Thighs are burning the most glorious burn!

The afternoon continued with a little craigslist shopping and after a few phone calls of I'll be there in 15 minutes... I have to run out for a few minutes, but grab a drink and I'll be back... led us to this wonderful store, Delightful Digs!

It was fun playing with my camera! I loved the cupcake plate in the background!

And the above was Ryan's favorite wall hanging!
"My most brilliant achievement...was my ability to be able to persuade my wife to marry me." - Winston Churchill
A day in Virginia Beach isn't complete without some F/A-18 action from above!

This one was taken through the sunroof of the truck! Perfect timing!

And I love me some jet streams in the sky!

Oh and for the purpose of this delightful trip...

We are proud owners of a push lawn mower! We got this bad boy for $40 from a true southern boy, you know the kind that gives you a warranty through the first use and wants to know your life story, yeah, that kind! It was entertaining to say the least! I, being the northerner that I am, am actually starting to warm up to slooooowwer speaking people. It's a challenge, but it's happening. Oh and by no means does that insinuate that I am speaking any slower myself...because I'm not and if I start to, someone better slap me!

God, I love a working man! ...and pickup trucks!

Dinner is calling...

Much love.

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