Saturday, March 5, 2011

Belated Anniversary Celebration!

Over a year ago, I married this Sweetie Pie and in honor of his "Pie-ness" I made him his favorite Onion Pie!!

It is a secret family recipe, so don't even think about asking for it! :) It was a gift to me at my bridal shower from Ryan's grandmother and I promise to treasure it forever! It's yummy and it makes for one happy hunny!

An anniversary dinner cannot be complete without a toast to the lovely couple! We broke out our lovely Vera Wang "Love" champagne glasses and had a little Spumante, actually, we drank the entire bottle and it was glorious!

In keeping with tradition, we defrosted our year old cake topper and prayed for the best. We have heard our share of horror stories of cakes having that horrible freezer burn taste and the good old the initial taste was good, but the after taste was horrible... Needless to say, we were a little skeptical...

It was good! We actually each had a few bites! Who knew the power of a little saran wrap and a zip lock bag! Apparently there is a little thing called Freezer Paper that this bride had no clue about. Actually, the real props go to my wonderful Mom because she is the wrapped of the cake top! We were too busy on our honeymoon to think twice about a cake topper!

By the way, it was a glorious pound cake with butter cream icing! Simple, but oh so delicious!

Happy One Year Wedding Anniversary Darling!

The best gift was having you home and celebrating together in our very own home! After a year of homelessness, it was beyond perfect!

Much love.


  1. That's good with the cake! Ours didn't make it in the freezer :(

  2. I was beyond surprised that it tasted well and lasted! I have to confess, the icing was crumbling off, but other than that, it was good!

  3. It looks like you did a good job on the onion pie...i serve it all the time to friends and they all have loved it....OOPs didnt know i wasnt allowed to give out the recipe...oh well...glad you had a great 1st ann. xoxo


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