Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Spring Fever

The Superbowl is right around the corner, but all I want is baseball season. The Packer and the Steelers better make this freezing, never-ending winter worth while. Heck, even if they play a game of a lifetime, I won't care because I could care less about the Packers and I am from the better side of Pennsylvania. Eagles all the way baby! To be completely honest, I am a PHILLIES girl and am totally jonesing for a cold beer in an obnoxiously loud stadium with the sun beating in my face surrounded by the best fans in the world!

Ahh...let a girl dream. I am dreading the next month of lonely nights, packing, unpacking and lots of economics all wrapped up in below freezing temperatures, a nasty wind and grey skies. And yes, I am the one who says she loves seasons. I'm just sick of this season. Maybe it was the golfing that occurred this weekend or last week's teasing of sunny, 55 degree days, but this gals got the fever. Hell, I might just drive my booty to Florida because I can. Watch out I-95, I'm headed south!! (If I do it, I'll be sure to document it!)

This month has been filled with lots of adventures, but my photo uploader is being a punk, so I'll have to photographically document the memories later. In short, Oregon and California were visited by this smiling face and this smiling face was greeted with loving arms and giddy relatives! The coast was driven by my amazing husband whom totally got back into his driving groove while I photographed the rocky coast, enormous redwoods and precious passengers! A belated Christmas with my in-laws with an abundance of memories was had! And, and, I went to my first casino!! Did I gamble? No. Was is memorable? Yes! The people watching was out of this world amazing!! (I know I am a horrible person for saying that, but it's so true!) Overall, I would say that I bonded with my in-laws and I am much happier for it!

I am emotionally drained from saying "goodbye" after only seeing my sugar for a month, being at school for over 12 hours, having an amazing weekend, battling a cold, and dreading a week of packing and moving. Night.

Much love.

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