Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Out of Sight, Out of Mind...Nah

Out of sight, out of mind is total bogus when it comes to the one you love. When Ryan leaves, I get busy to keep my mind from going completely crazy from missing him. I made my to do list and tackled it with flying colors
  • laundry - check
  • vacuum - check
  • clean bedroom - check
  • clean bathroom - check
  • sweep downstairs - check
  • wash dishes - check
  • read Money and Banking (6 chapters) - check
... you get the idea! Well, when all was said and done, I got a lovely little phone call from my sweetie letting me know that he was coming home!! Now, what's better than spending another night with your husband??? Spending another night with your husband in a CLEAN house with NO WORK!!! I sure wish these bursts of energy, "need to keep my mind busy" moments occurred without Ryan leaving, but such is life.

So, this out of sight, out of mind thing isn't all it's cracked up to be because while we were spontaneously browsing Home Depot for some inspiration for our new home...the one we want to build one day, that is, I got the biggest craving for a cupcake! There are NO cupcakes in Home Depot, I can assure you of that... But there are kitchens!!

The options are endless! Luckily, Ryan and I HATE the same things and are kinda digging the white or cream cabinet look with a brush nickel hardware look and cement counter tops. Yes, this all sounds like we have our decisions made, but money speaks and we weren't looking at dollar signs last night... If only money grew on trees....if only.

So, that sweet tooth was still nagging at me, so what did I (and a little help from my bubba) do when we got home you ask?!?! I made cupcakes! Yummy, delicious German Chocolate cupcakes with homemade, super sweet buttercream icing!!

I overfilled them a bit...Oops!

This was all done between 9:30 and 10:30 PM while we were watching the Republican Response to Obama's State of the Union Address. No matter what your political opinions are, everyone can come together and enjoy a homemade cupcake! :)

Now I have a dozen cupcakes that are begging to be consumed!

And what would a sweet tooth craving be without a little wisdom tooth extraction??? Much more fun, that's what it would be. This morning's visit to the Oral Surgeon left me with the wonderful news that all four wisdom teeth had to go...even though I was told me entire life that my jaw had plenty of room for my wisdom teeth. I rewarded myself with a cup of coffee, a little light reading of the Solow Growth Model (Macroeconomics) and some bow making! You can view a selection of them under the above tab "Betty's Baby Bowtique"! All are for sale and custom orders are more than welcome!

Much love.


  1. Those cupcakes sound delicious!! And bummer about the wisdom teeth. :( I had mine out a few years ago, and it was nothing compared to some of the horror stories I had heard! Good luck and I hope you're back to eating cupcakes soon after the procedure!

  2. They are! I still have a few left to enjoy! Apparently my wisdom teeth extraction will be smooth because all of my teeth are coming in properly and aren't in my jaw bone (or something). The Dr. said the entire extraction would take 5 minutes. I told him to "take his time!" I'm sure I will take some lovely photos and blog about it since I will be stuck in the house for a day or two...


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