Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Recap!

2010 was eventful! There were goodbyes, marriages, happy tears, very sad tears, but overall, there was an abundance of love!

In January, we packed up our lives in San Diego and in early February, we hit the road. Ryan drove his truck with my car towed behind from San Diego to Philadelphia! All in all, we weighed 12,000 lbs. Wowzers!

We tried to break our trip up a little we are at the Grand Canyon!

We were moving because my husband's orders changed from San Diego to Norfolk and we were getting married on February 20th in Philadelphia!

Here we are...
Our trip across the country involved outrunning/getting caught in a huge snow storm. Think back to last school for a week, record snow fall in the Philadelphia, D.C. area...scary to drive through/be a passenger in.

Here is a photo of Bonnie & Jared in the snow! It was Jared's first Philly snow!

With marriage comes adventure, right? Does a visit to the ER count? I think it does! Ryan got sick and completely dehydrated to the point where his fingers were so thin his wedding ring could fall off. We were stationed in the middle of nowhere at this point, so I drove him through wooded, curvy, back roads to a hospital. He got almost 2 bags of fluid and was feeling studly (Thank God that was it). Lesson learned: Go to the ER sooner when nothing is staying down, extreme thinness occurs and you have no idea what to do. I was scared.

In April, we put an offer on a house and three days later it looked like this.

Yes, our almost house is the one going up in flames. Oh fun memories! It is actually a blessing in disguise because we have saved a ton of money, I was able to come home for the summer and we don't know how long we will be in the area and don't want to be selling a house in the current market.

In May, we went to visit Jared! It was a blast! Every single minute spent with the little guy is precious! He was really into the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series at this point! This is us in line for a space iMax!

This is also the month that I said, I love you and see you soon to the love of my life. Deployment Days suck. Deployments suck. I apoligize if I offend anyone with the word "suck" but it is totally proper in this context, believe me.

Ryan wrote me a letter for every single day he was gone! This is a snapshot from the halfway point! While I didn't receive a letter every day in the mail, it was exciting to get a stack of 15 or so at a time. I would read one or two a night as a little treat!

At the end of August, I moved back to VA, started grad school and enjoyed an amazing week with my Sarah! It was a sweet treat and made the transition so much easier! Thanks again Sweetie! Love you!!

The fall months involved lots of studying and bonding with new friends! I turned 25 in November and received this beauty from my loving husband! He is the best!!

December was crazy! 3 finals, 1 paper, 1 project, Christmas and my husband's homecoming!! I lost 5 lbs (at least) and got everything done! Literally, everything...cleaned an entire house, purchased, wrapped and mailed Christmas presents, got B+ or better in all my graduate classes, decorated our bedroom, moved my office space, stocked the pantry, had a homecoming party, baked holiday goodies, found boots and jeans for my homecoming outfit, decorated for Christmas, etc. etc. etc. And is was all in preparation for this on December 20th...

He's Home! Yay! xoxoxo
Since then we have enjoyed a lot of one on one time and celebrated the holidays! We enjoyed sushi as a couple for the first time. It was Ryan's first time and he loved it...that makes for a happy wife! We also ventured into some goodwill stores and Ryan found some killer CDs for $3 a piece! It was a success!

With 2011 rapidly approaching (3 hours for me) I am sitting here reminiscing about 2010 and excited about 2011. It will be an interesting and extremely eventful year! I plan on completing my masters degree, decorating a new home, having our family complete again, and being a matron on honor in not one, but two weddings!!

My new years resolutions are:

1. To completely get our finances in order...budgeting, investing, 401k, etc. It is all getting revamped for the best and we are excited about it!

2. Worry less. If you know me, you know I can worry myself sick...literally. I want to work on going with the flow a little more and enjoying life without trying to plan or predict things. Life is beautiful and I want to embrace it whole heartedly!

3. Stay healthy and I'm not just talking about my waist line. I want to work on my faith, my outlook on life, my diet (experimenting in the kitchen) and of course, my waist line! I want to be the best woman I can be!

Happy New Year!

Much love.


  1. Wow, seems like 2010 was a huge year for you! I hope 2011 is a good one too, and good luck with all of your goals!


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