Friday, December 3, 2010

USPS, I Vow To Thee

This Christmas Season, yes Christmas season, I have fallen deeply dependent upon the United States Postal Service! Why you ask? Well, because for the first time in my life, I have to mail 14+ Christmas presents across the country and gosh darn, I want them to get to their anxious (you should all be anxious because they are good presents) recipients in one piece with the beautiful and totally modern wrapping paper still intact!

Here's a little taste of the goodies that have been wrapped and will be sent with love this coming Monday!

14 boxed gifts (with smaller wrapped gifts inside for shipping purposes)
4 tins of goodies (pictures to come)

59 Christmas cards (if you don't get one, blame it on my hand and inability to properly calculate how many relatives and friends I now have...first married Christmas with a deployed husband...I think I deserve a pass, but that's just me!) And a sneak peak at our ever so endearing Christmas card...Kara, do not look if you want to be surprised! (I looked at yours and love it!)

Who wouldn't want to see these faces in their mailbox and hopefully on their refridgerator this Christmas?!?!

On a side note, USPS and I have a great relationship! I visit my nice little office about once a week to get stamps, mail a package to my stepson or my husband, or to just grab some boxes, and I am never let down. I am greeted with a long line, smiling employees and grumpy characters generally complainging about the long line! Well fellas, if you visited USPS a bit more often and did things the olde fashioned way with a letter and stamp, the line probably wouldn't be so long and stamp prices wouldn't be rising, but hey, I can only do so much and by golly, I am doing my darndest! Oh and I'm that girl that laughs at the grumps! What can I say, they entertain me!

And a little farewell from a cute $1 Hallmark Snowman! He's selling snowballs for 5 cents (right now I am really missing a little "cent" sign)!

Happy Weekend!

Much love.


  1. I LOVE THIS POST. And gosh darn it, I love you. Anyway, a few things:

    1) I actually giggled aloud a couple times while reading this.

    2) That wrapping paper is HOT.

    3) Once I saw the small version of your photo greeting in the picture before the sneak peak closeup, I couldn't help but look at the bigger version. I've decided it's going to look fantastic on our fridge. I'm glad you like ours!

    4) I agree: You deserve a pass (originally typed and almost submitted as "You deserve a ass." I've been making embarrassing typos lately.

    5) Loving the music!

  2. I LOVE YOU!! And gosh darn, I do deserve an "ass"! I've always wanted one and I think I am starting to get one! :) And typos are a specialty of mine.

    You giggled?!?! Awesome! I'm happy!

    Wrapping paper...$2.50 for 90 ft at Target!

    I'm glad you think it's a winner! Ryan selected the photo since I did everything else!

    Music makes a world of difference! I am all jazzed to get on pandora and find some new cool music for the blog! I should be focusing on school, but that is so not fun.

  3. your christmas card looks great! who are the presents for? i love the wrapping paper too. every year i try to do a theme with wrapping paper: red and green, gold and silver, last year was white with multi-colored writing and this year i'd like to do winnie the pooh or something for the kids while they are still little.

  4. Thank you Marjorie! It was my first time doing a photo Christmas cards and since we weren't all together I had to search for a photo of the three of us. The options of a current one that Ryan and I both liked were slim. Next year, I am hoping for something magnificent!

    As for the presents, they are for my inlaws (parents, grandparents, brothers, sisters) and for Jared! There is a slightly smaller stack of presents for my parents and siblings at my parent's house and I still haven't wrapped Ryan's presents. I usually like to do a theme, but since these are getting shipped, the bows and ribbons wouldn't look nice, so it was a waste of time to do. This year is a modern look I think...

  5. Sarah, Thank you so much for your wonderful comment. I appreciate it. I will be thinking of you this Christmas. It sounds like you have a similar relationship to the USPS. I love them! I hope you have a Merry Christmas. Thanks again. It meant so much.

  6. You are very welcome! I will be thinking of you as well. Take care!


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