Sunday, December 5, 2010

Memory Monday - First Christmas away from "home"

Memory Monday is an idea that a college friend of mine had, and since it is only for the Monday's in the month of December, and they revolve around Christmas memories, I figured I could manage to make the commitment! See this link for more info!

This first Christmas memory encompasses an entire day, a day that was full of firsts for me! The idea of paying for a tree is (or should I say was) a foreign idea to me. Every year my parents and siblings would tromp into the woods on Christmas Eve, Christmas Eve Eve if we were hosting Christmas Eve dinner, to find the perfect, or most accessible, tree to top! Never in my life, until last year, had I sacrificed a tree for our family Christmas tree. Some years, generally drought years, we would tie two tops together and have a very unique tree, some floppy branches, other much sturdier! One year we evem dug one up because we couldn't find a pine that we could climb! Yes, it was replanted and is growing like a giant at this very moment! Go Gree Baby! Heck, I was born green! If you knew my father, you'd understand!

So, back to my day of firsts...Ryan, Jared and I borrowed a friend's truck (something #2 that I had never done) and proceeded to drive through Pacific Beach, San Diego, in search of a tree lot... Alas! We found a lot full of them! Jared was not exactly in the mood to get a tree which I too found odd because as a little kid and even to this day, getting a Christmas tree is thrilling! Luckily the bug bit him and he fell in love with this beauty!!

I see a cute little smile! Love him!

We ventured home with our perfect tree and watched Daddy bring it inside! Man he's a cutie! Yes, I pinched his booty the entire way up the staits and he couldn't do a thing about it!


Let the decorating begin! We didn't have much, but we did have in my opinion the most important part of the Christmas tree...Bubble Lights!!! They are a family tradition on my mom's side that I am honored to be able to continue with my children!

I will never forget the year that my dad bought my mom Bubble Lights and put them on the tree without her knowing... when she saw them she burst into tears! It was perfect! I'm crying just thinking about that moment.

More pictures to come from this year of these babies!

Let me preface this one with...I have two of the sweetest, mushiest, boys in my life and I love them to the moon and back! Ryan purchased a little bunch of Mistletoe and it multiplied rapidly! Before we knew it there were little green and red hand drawn mistletoes hanging above every door, over the couch and poor Ryan and I had to kiss all the time! Shucks! We turned it into whomever was under the mistletoe either had to kiss (Ryan and I) or have a huge tickle fight (for Jared)!! It is a perfect memory!

There's our little bunch!

That evening we walked down to Little Italy for a tree lighting! Well, the tree lighting was pretty lame, but the FAKE SNOW was AMAZING!!! There is nothing like snow to make a northerner feel the season! Thank you San Diego for bringing a little bit of home to me! And seeing Jared dance around like a crazy little monster was precious!

He's got moves alright!

There's my day of first - first Christmas in San Diego, first Christmas away from home, first time killing a tree for display, first bubble lights of my very own, first fake snow outside experience and first kiss under the mistletoe!

Much love.


  1. thanks so much for sharing! your such a cute newlywed. are you going to put up a christmas tree this year?

  2. The bubble lights are neat...I've never seen them before but they look really pretty!

  3. I have a Christmas tree up this year! It is a wonderful mixture of me and my housemate! I'll post pictures eventually!

    Thanks Ania! For me, the bubble lights complete our Christmas tree!

  4. Ah! I love the new layout and header photo. Love, love, love.

    Seconding Ania: I'm fairly certain that I've never seen bubble lights before. I was wondering what you were referring to last year, so I'm glad you posted a photo. Be sure to snag a good shot with that new camera, missy!

    I love the pictures of your Christmas tree-acquiring excursion from last year in San Diego! I don't think I'd seen them before.

    Also, my goodness, I shouldn't and I don't have the time for it, but I just might look into participating in this Memory Monday thing....

  5. Thanks Kara! I am glad you like the new layout! I went on a creative kick the other night when I couldn't sleep!

    Oh and I did capture some cool photos of the snazzy bubble lights! I will post them soon!

    As for Memory could just link the post about "finding out" for the Monday and start a different for next Monday! I thoroughly enjoyed the "Finding Out" post!!

    P.S. The more we blog with links, the more comments we get! I am really loving this blog world!

  6. Thanks for sharing the birthday story about your sister and grandfather. How sweet and endearing and you're right, little ones do just "get it" the best sometimes :)


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