Thursday, December 2, 2010

Tests Aren't Fun.

They aren't mine, but they sure are cute!

Life is a funny thing. Just when you think I have everything under control, it all falls apart and smacks you square in the face, or at least seems to all fall apart and smack you sqaure in the face.
As most of you know, I am in graduate school. Well, just when I thought, I have this guy figured out, he slammed me with the unexpected (on a test that is). I can't even explain to you how confused I was after reading the first question of this test. Do professors know what a from left field first question on an exam does to the poor, tired, overly studied and completely nauseous test taker!?!?! I sure hope not because if they do, they are purely evil. Well, yea, I was that girl sitting in class wishing she could rewind the last two weeks of studying and get her life back, but begrudgingly she sat there and scribbled everything she could possibly think of about the key words in the questions. Ok, so that is really tiny in the grand scheme of things, but this was the third test that I have felt this way about and I am a perfectionist. In undergrad, I could predict what my professors would test me on; in grad school, I panic and then I go home and dream of the correct answers, the answers I knew, know and will always know, but failed to write down because for an hour and fifteen minutes, I froze. The moral of this rant is that the first question on any test should be a BIG FAT GIMME if for no other reason than to give the poor iddy biddy test taker some faith in his or her self. Thank you very much! I'll be sure to remind myself of this fact when I am hopefully, one day, a very influential professor!
Oh and by no means am I saying that I dislike any of my professors. I simply dislike their testing styles. Frankly, I dislike tests in general, but these are some of the worst, which is to be expected since it's grad school and all I guess...
Tests are necessary in life to prove your ability and I do enjoy tests at times. Luckily, these are short lived. The results, a bit longer lived, but even they only last a mere 13 weeks!
So, onto better things! Dizzle and I went on a 2 hour hike this past Sunday and it was glorious! Walking and talking like we did when we lived in Ireland is a talent of ours that we share and love deeply! There's something special about two girlfriends talking about life on a glorious crisp day in the middle of the woods! Oh and she loved my camera!

Hiking with Dizzle!

Coming off an extra special weekend of family, friends and Thanksgiving festivities, this week has held it's own (other than getting the nasty test back and taking another one that wasn't exactly great). I got a ton of schoolwork done, put my husbands clothing in our closet that seems to get smaller by the day, arranged all my Christmas gifts, played with my camera, slept and feel overall accomplishment!
I am a planner at heart and being a military wife makes that semi challenging, so I am trying to plan the heck out of the next few weeks of grad school. Between papers, projects, finals, classes and preparing for the holidays, I have a full schedule, but you better bet, it is organized! Wish me luck!

My Orchids from my Love!

Much love.


  1. Your blog is super cute! Even with music..No wonder Ryan married you ---you're fun AND smart!!! It won't be long now you'll be free together...BEST WISHES
    aunt Anne

  2. Thanks Aunt Anne! I just added the music last night! This is part of my creative outlet - photography and writing! Soo we will be together again! I can't wait!!


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