Saturday, November 27, 2010

Halfway to 50

Now that I am 25...
...a quarter of a century...
or the best...halfway to 50 (courtesy of my little brother)...

I am feeling like I am officially old enough to be married, have a house and start having babies! I don't know what it is about twenty-five, but it sounds a heck of a lot more mature than 24! I have successfully completed the married part with flying colors...10 months! Woot Woot! But the babies and owning a house...yea they are going to have to wait until after graduate school and the navy.
So turning was pretty amazing! I was thrown a surprise Mexican themed birthday party complete with homemade buttercream cupcakes, the sweetest of new found friends and a wonderful shot of tequila...eek!

GREEN Buttercream cupcakes! Yum!

The Surprisers!!

The Oh So Classy Bathroom Group Shot! :)

The Amazing Party Planner! It was my first surprise party ever!!

Thanks Sweetie!

Keeping it classy! It was the worst shot ever

Every now and then a girl needs to have some fun, toss the books to the side, have a few drinks and dance! That is exactly what happened and I was happy!
And a little belated birthday love...

My husband is the best! Eeek! I love it!

All Smiles & Sassiness!

Much love.


  1. Loving it all, my dear: the new background, the new photo... THAT NEW CAMERA! But, uh... I don't think I like the "halfway to 50" expression. That stuff's for the birds.

  2. yay for the camera and babies in the future! :)

  3. Kara Darling, Halfway to 50 is a bit more original than the other sayings, so I went with it! Plus, it was a memorable expression out of my brother's mouth, so I decided to honor him by making it the title of my post! Oh and Thanks! I am thinking about changing the words to be in red and white! Thoughts?

    Marjorie - Yay! I do think that I will finish graduate school first though, so in a year or so I will probably be expecting (and hopefully much better with my camera)!!

  4. I'm sure the expression was memorable and more original than the "quarter of a century old" comments, but it still freaks me out to think that we're halfway to 50. I mean, the first 25 years really seemed to fly. I assume the next 25 years will be no different... and I intend to stay young and fabulous forever, thankyouverymuch.

    I think the words would look lovely in red and white, but I see no problem with them as is, either. Whatever suits your fancy!

  5. We will be fabulous forever! My mom (56) got called "sexy" last night! She just laughed, but apparently she's still got it! I think we will manage just fine! Heck, I like myself more and more with each passing day, I can't imagine how much I'll love myself when I am 50! hehe!

    Thanks! I think I am going to try the candy cane look for the holidays!!


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