Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Lonesome Christmas Day

Our first married Christmas was spent waking up alone and for me, to a phone call from one every excited stepson whom Santa spoiled! It was the best possible way to be awoken this Christmas given the circumstances. A new DSI XL Limited Edition, wii games, remote control cars, LEGOS, a stuffed Yoda and much much more made for extreme and utter excitement! It was precious! With each passing phone call, his conversations seem more mature; I gauge his growth from a little boy to a young very young man via conversations. 10 months ago when we parted ways, his conversations were short with a lot of words like yes, no, umm, ok, yea, sure, fine, and the list goes on. Now conversations last 40+ minutes in which I get a few words in and he talks about school, legos, his dog, and memories! Memories are my favorite conversations! It is so neat to see what little brains and hearts hold onto and cherish! The funniest thing he says is Oh my brain forgot that! The biggest smile grows on my face every darn time I hear those little words! More on little boys later! Back to Christmas day...

I made coffee, watched some tv and stayed in my PJs until I had to shower and get ready to go to the ship to see my sweetie! Being the girlie girl that I can be and it being Christmas and all, I just had to wear heels!! Plus, my butt looks so much better in them according to Ryan and my inner ego! I decided on a tight pair of jeans, brown heels and long while sweater! Comfy-cute is the way to go! The drive to the ship was traffic at 3:30pm on Christmas because everyone in their right mind is at home with a glass of wine, tired kiddos and a huge turkey roasting in the oven. Not me, I was bundled up, showing my ID to security as I went through the gate, running for the pier, showing my ID again and then crossing the bridge yet again into my baby's arms. That bridge is on my bad side. While it leads me to my baby, it is also what he crosses eat time he leaves me and that saddens my heart.

So, Christmas on the ship involved hanging out around a huge oval table in the officer's lounge and meeting some of Ryan's buddies! Nick is a total character and pretty much the most rad guy I've ever met! He likes the word rad a lot! We talked, watched some football or was it basketball on TV, ate Swedish fish, pezz and talked a lot about going to get dinner. Eventually, we ventured down to the mess hall and just like high school, went through the line and picked out what we wanted on our plates. I chose mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, turkey, gravy and a salad. Carb it up baby!! The sweet potatoes were nasty, but everything else was pretty delish! Oh and how could I forget the eggnog and pecan pie! Yummy! We brought our food up to the oval officer table to chow down! Ryan carried my plate up and down the metal ladders and through the huge doorways...bad decision to wear heels... shucks!

After dinner, Ryan and I said our goodbyes and I headed home in the cold to my empty house with a little crazy kitty. It was super nice to see him on Christmas, but nothing like I imagine Christmas. No cuddling and kissing under blankets with kiddos climbing on us in the living room; No laughing and drinking about past Christmas memories in the kitchen with sister-in-laws and siblings; No red heels, aprons, rushed mamas and laid back papas; No crying babies and barking puppies, but such is life. It was another memory of our first year of marriage that I will forever remember! (Sorry, no photos this time.)

Around 9pm that evening, it started snowing...and it kept snowing through the next day! Our December 26th Christmas was indeed a white Christmas!

Much love.


  1. A white Christmas? Sound perfect!!

    Happy Thursday Darling! xo

    Oh, and I'm having a perfume giveaway if you're interested!

  2. Can I just say we are REAL sisters now? Take a look at my current blog background and you'll see why.

    The outfit you wore to the ship sounds adorable! I went out and bought a sweater dress and some tights that I wore with slouchy cowboy boots on the 26th. Everyone at Arlet's house teased me for how short it was, but I think it's super cute and will need to bring it to Fortuna Christmas. I know you'll back me up!

    I can't wait 'til we get to spend a Christmas together someday!

  3. We are REAL sisters now!! Crazy! Love it!

    I will 100% back you up on a sweater dress, tights and slouchy cowboy boots! I have a few sweater dresses that I wear with my tights and slouchy cowboy boots on at least a weekly basis! I was actually thinking of a similar attire for Fortuna Christmas. You know, we gotta look nice for G&G! My boots are definitely coming because they can double as cute and dressy or "let's go fishing!"

    Christmas together will be a blast! Hopefully withing the next few years we will be able to! I actually mentioned to my mom that you and Ross might be on the east coast for the holidays next year and she said "Oh they can come to our parties too!" i.e. you are always welcome in my home and my parents' home!

    We'll be seeing you in a weeks time!! Totally stoked!

  4. i really like that picture!

    i know it's not what you pictured...but to me that seems like a "neat" christmas. as in really different and you won't forget it. i don't remember much about our 1st christmas other than i was very, very sick (morning sickness that lasted all day, ugh!).

    so does your hubby have a room mate? what are the rooms like on the ship? does he get alone time? what do you both do with free time together? sorry for all the questions, i'm just really curious how everything works.

    your christmas clothes sound great! we spent the day in our PJs which was fun, but i'm a girlie girl too and missed getting dressed up.


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