Monday, September 13, 2010

Good Night Summer...

Good Night Summer...

After my first week of graduate school, there couldn't have been a more perfect weekend than the Labor Day weekend that greeted me.  Ok, so I'm lying a bit, if Ryan and Jared were with me, it would have been a PERFECT weekend!  PERFECT I tell you!  Soooo, my almost perfect weekend started with Hurricane Earl creating a scare and canceling all Thursday night classes!  This girl was a happy girl!  I hit the road around 2:30pm and started driving north!  Windows down, music blasting, sun shining and a smile on my face.  The drive was smooth...not too much traffic, no turtles i.e. sloooww drivers in the fast lane and killer music on the radio!

I got home around 8pm to an empty house...where was everyone you ask?  Dad was on his way home from work, mom and sister were at my grandmother's and my brother was still at football practice.  A late dinner and a glass of wine was a great ending to a surprisingly early evening...considering I wasn't planning on leaving until 10pm.

Friday was a sisterly love filled kind of day!  We went to the driving range, in skirts, and hit balls like completely crap, but made sure to laugh at ourselves!  Our critiquing was quite amusing since neither one of us actually knows what she is doing...we just think we do!  After some kid friendly, giggle friendly golfing, I took my little sister through he very first car wash!  This wasn't just any old ordinary car wash, this was a car wash in Ryan's F-150 and she sat in the front seat!  N.B. Riding in Ryan's truck is a novelty all in itself for us ladies and sitting in the front seat is earth shattering in a little nine year old's eyes because airbags and her in the front seat are a no no.  Since the truck was on auto pilot and in neutral, I figured a little rule breaking was completely acceptable!  Plus car washes are so much better when you are front and center to the spraying and slapping and sudzing!  It's kind of like a roller coaster ride, the front seat is hands down the best seat in the house! After that is was home to hang out and watch some totally awesome Miley Cyrus!  She is actually quite funny!  Way better than Power Rangers, even though I was a die hard fan and love the yellow ranger! 

That evening was a transition from little girl gossip to older, slightly more mature girl time!  Mo and I had the grand idea to get all dolled up in dresses and heals and hit the town!  Well actually, hit up her boyfriend's drinks and a great surprise!  I wore my college graduation dress - a dark grey short strapless dress with an exposed zipper in the back and a bright yellow ribbon around the waist, oh and the best has pockets!  To top it off, I wore silver, almost white, stilettos!  A very stylish lady told me, "Girl, you look hott!  I love your shoes!"  in the bathroom!  I felt pretty and totally sexy!    Mo wore a killer grey dress with high back that had snaps and an opening!  She too strutted in some sexy high heeled black Mary Jane shoes!  Dan was a happy boy!  We had a great night!

Saturday morning I was up bright and early to head off to my brother's opening football game!  The heat had broken, the air was crisp, football was being played...fall was here!  LC started off a little rocky with the halftime score being 7 to 21, not us. But with a lot of faith and some family blood finally in the game, the defense prevailed and LC kicked some booty!  There were QB sacks, interceptions and favorable penalties which all created some great opportunities for our offense!  The game ended with a score of 28 to 26!  Oh yea baby!  First game of the season was a big fat W!  After the game, parents, siblings, friends, all fans form a line for the team to walk through and if you have a mama there, you give her a proper hug first and then if you a little love there, you give her a peck.  It's a neat little tradition that makes mamas feel really special!

That evening was date night!  Mom and dad went on a date, Mike went to a group date...that's what you do in high school when you can't drive yet, and Bonzers and I had a sister date night!  We went to a yard sale and scored some dynamite eagle claw foot chairs from Eastern Europe...for free, two photo frames, some knit baby caps, crystal candle holders and a great white dotted serving bowl with 4 matching mini bowls...drum roll...all for $10!!  It was a successful night already.  To continue with awesomeness, we headed to the mall for some little girl shopping time!  We tried on headbands, talked about the coolest kids in 5th grade, looked for a homecoming dress and ultimately decided that it was ice cream time!  What better time to have ice cream that an 9pm?!?!  We headed over to Friendly's and ordered our own huge sundaes!  Yum!  It was super chilly in there, so we cuddled together in one booth!  The night was a complete and utter success!  I love my little sister!

Sunday was a stay at home kind of day!  I did some laundry, cleaned a bit, packed for my long journey back to Virginia and celebrated my love for my husband with a red, white and blue heart cake!  Oh and by making our future headboard!  BonBon and I died yellow cake red and blue without thinking that red and yellow is really pink and blue and yellow is definitely green...oops.  We were successful with the white though!  It was my first attempt at homemade icing and it was a total success!

3 c. powdered sugar
1/3 cup butter
dollop of shortening
1 tsp of vanilla
3 tsp. of half and half
sprinkling of salt
whip together the perfection!  (double for an average two layer cake!)

Ok, where was I...oh yes, the cake was actually pink, green and white with a lovely pink sprinkle heart on top!  It tasted oh so yummy and our tummy's didn't know the difference!  The headboard, made mostly by my wonderful and completely handy father, but with some supervision, measuring and a lot of staple gunning by me, is almost done!  The entire frame is made, the foam is attached, the fabric covering has been positioned, but the wood is not stained, so the fabric is not going on...  I will post photos of the final project and the bedroom all done up when everything is perfect!  I am so excited to finally have a bedroom set and one my by love nonetheless! 

Monday was an eventful day as well!  I packed my car and headed to Dizzle's house!  We chatted about love and life, ate glorious Italian hoagies and coffee and soaked in the wonderful weather!  I love friend time!  It was a wonderful preface to a long drive home, a wonderful end to a glorious weekend and a beautiful start to a fabulous season!

Good Morning Fall...

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